6 common tricks of Shaytan

Man has no greater enemy than Iblis. He has hated man since the creation of Adam (AS). Allah has warned us about him in the Quran. Allah says In Surah Al Baqarah verse 168: “O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and good on the earth,and follow not the footsteps of Shaytan.Verily he is to you an open enemy.” Therefore, we must always watch out for the tricks of Iblis because he will never rest until he has succeeded in misguiding man. Here are some of the tricks Shaytan uses to mislead man.

1. To make someone commit shirk(associating partners with Allah)

Shirk is one of the major sins in Islam, and the only sin that Allah does not forgive if one dies while committing. Because of this, the Shaytan tries to push man towards this path. The hadith narrates that Allah says:”O sons of Adam, if you were to sin and your sins were to be stacked between the heavens and earth, and you didn’t associate partners with Me and you asked for My forgiveness, I will forgive you.” Unfortunately, a lot of Muslims today commit shirk without realising it. Some Muslims worship burial grounds, while others consult with seers and jinns. Some even justify their actions, claiming that they are worshipping Allah. They are deviated from the right path. By committing shirk, a Muslim loses his faith and unless he repents and stops, he is doomed. That is the goal of Shaytan.

2. To make a person commit bid’ah (innovation)

Most of us have heard about bid’ah and the authentic hadith of Rasoolullah SAW said:”Whoever invents something new in this religion that’s not from it will have it rejected.” Bid’ah is one of the greatest tricks of Shaytan. He makes a believer feel like his deeds are not enough, so that he can try doing something which was neither practiced by our beloved Prophet SAW, nor by his companions. Indeed no one can worship Allah better than Rasoolullah SAW, or his companions (peace be upon them). Therefore, whatever worship a Muslim intends to engage in must strictly be in line with the practice of the Prophet SAW or his Sahaba.

3. To commit major sins

The major sins are the sins that are clearly mentioned in Quran as being haraam, or any sin that Allah and His Prophet SAW linked to a specific punishment in the hereafter. Examples are Shirk(which is the greatest),adultery,lying,disrespecting one’s parents,not praying,not praying on time,intentionally refusing to fast Ramadan,consuming Ribaa(interest),backbiting and so one. If shaytan cannot make a person commit bid’ah, he tries to push them towards committing a major sin.

4. To commit minor sins

If all the above tricks fail, Shaytan doesn’t give up. He then tries to make someone commit minor sins,frequently. Sins stain the heart. So if a person continues to sin, he will eventually become so engrossed in his sins that he may no longer see anything wrong with it. That is where Shaytan intends to lead the believers.Some people may sin until Allah seals their heart aoothubillah.

5. He whispers arrogance in your heart

When Iblis continues to fail at making a person sin often, he then tries to sow arrogance in his heart. He makes the person feel big about his deeds. So a pious Muslim would start to feel like he knows better than everyone. He stops listening to advice. He may even become rude to other people because he feels he is better than them. That is a serious disease of the heart. Because if he doesn’t change, he may ruin all of his good deeds.

6. To delay doing good deeds

Another trick of Shaytan is to make man believe he has time. No one knows when death will come, but Shaytan makes man believe he is too young to die. So man continues to procrastinate good deeds while he continues to commit sins. Eventually, will death come when the person hasn’t repented, and isn’t prepared Aoothubillah.

We must always seek protection against Shaytan by praying to Allah constantly. We must be wary of his tricks, and stick to the practices of our beloved Prophet SAW. May Allah SWT envelope us in His infinite mercy, and forgive us our sins.Ameen.

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