6 Etiquette Dos And Don’t Every Businessman Needs To Follow

This may sound surprising to a lot of people but etiquette are still essential, even though the omnipresence of technology have blurred the lines of appropriateness and made people much less civil and well-mannered than before. As companies, firms and businesses strive for distinction, etiquette matters more than ever. Follow these etiquettes to distinguish your business from all the others.

#1. Know the names

Knowing the names of your colleagues and acknowledging what they do is an etiquette that is guaranteed to earn you the loyalty of your employees. Making your employees feel relevant by calling them by their name is a sure-fire way to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

#2. Promise what you can deliver

Authenticity is crucial when it comes to business. Promising what you cannot deliver will not only kill your business, it will also diminish your credibility as an individual.

#3. Don’t Interrupt anyone

Doesn’t matter who it is or how low on the chain they are, one of the worst etiquette is interrupting people in business conversations or presentations. Also, don’t talk over another person or too loudly.

#4. Check your ringtone

Blaring ringtones that pierce the air and annoy other employees is a good example of bad etiquette. If your ringtone is disruptive, you might want to change it to something simpler and less noisy to avoid glares whenever your phone goes off.

#5. Don’t leave anyone out of the conversation

Refrain from whispering side remarks or telling inside jokes in the presence of your employees, business colleagues and more importantly, clients. Do you think your clients will be loyal to you if you make them feel excluded? I didn’t think so either.

Also, guard against speaking in a foreign language in the presence of your business colleagues, employees and clients as it’s considered quite rude.

#5. Call back

Promptly returning phone calls is good business etiquette that portrays your business as professional and refined.

#6. Write hand-written “Thank you” notes

I hear you ask “why write ‘thank you’ notes when you can simply send a text or an email or just make a call?” Well because it’s more thoughtful. You can build and maintain positive working relationships with your employees, clients and colleagues with ‘thank you’ notes. People like to feel sincerely acknowledged for their efforts and this is a very inexpensive way to do it.

Follow these tips and watch as your business blooms into success with a large customer base and more loyal clients.

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