6 Islamic Steps In Seeking A Spouse

Most marriages are formed in various ways. Some get married through family, some for love while others for business purposes. Nevertheless, Islam terms marriage as the right way to be involved with someone else (strictly male and female).

Seeking a spouse can take a lifetime and can be thought-provoking as it needs proper assessment and time.

seeking a spouse

The steps below will serve as a guide to help fasten the process of seeking a spouse.

#1. Know exactly what you want in a spouse.

It’s true that we’re all not perfect but one thing we all have in common, is that we know who we are and so we should be able to know what attributes to look for in a spouse to be able to share the secret bond of marriage.

#2. Have a valid reason for getting married.

Marriage is perceived to be a long term commitment. The ultimate dream of every Muslim is to get married and stay married to that partner(s) (if male), until death and in paradise. Therefore, in other for a person to get married he/she must have a valid reason.

#3. Seek help from those that have been there before you.

Marriage is not something that involves fast tracts. There are a lot of pathways to marriage. Listening to other people’s stories and advice can help a great deal. It will serve as a tip on how to go about some particular situations or even trigger a major aspect in the decision-making process.

The idea behind it is to get as much knowledge as possible to make the decision.

#4. Ask for reference.

This is where a third party comes in. This person will be able to give valid information about the spouse you seek for. With the third-person, one will be able to analyze the information given.

Just as in books, reference helps a great deal.

#5. When you meet, don’t be alone.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “Whenever a man is alone with a woman, ‘shytan’ makes the third party”.

When a man and a woman meet alone, forces of ‘shytan’ comes out to play. It might lead to series of wrong doings.

#6. When you speak, go straight to the point.

A business-minded personnel speaks clearly and straight to the point. In times like this, one needs to adapt to the attributes of a business-minded personnel. Time waits for no man- one may be taking time with things while someone else out there is doubling up the space to get the procedures done.

Bonus tip-

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Marriage is an obligatory task in Islam and it needs to be fulfilled. Islam doesn’t permit promiscuity so one step forward is to seek a spouse and to be able to build a family together.

I hope these steps help in guiding you on the steps to take in seeking a spouse.

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