6 Jobs That Seem Anything But…

Almost everyone wants to settle down at one point in their life; wake up and head off to a job that they love, not because of the money but because they really enjoy working as such. Ok well, for some of us it’s about the money.

However, a lot of these jobs have been overlooked because of the security of white-collar jobs, one that requires that you sit in the office for hours on end.

Here is a list of jobs that many would enjoy, especially if you are a great fan of nature, wildlife, food and arts.

#1. Architect

You’re wondering how this job could be any different from any other white-collar job as it more likely than not to demand that you sit in an office for long.

However, being an architect means that you appreciate and have a perception of the environment and how you could improve it. Crafting out plans for buildings is one way to make a difference while enjoying what you do and making money for it.

With architecture, it is possible to make $100, 000 every year, if not more.

#2. Fashion Photographer

If photography and clothing are your desire, then fashion photography may be calling out to you. This is one way to appreciate arts and beauty while getting paid for it.

Find yourself a fashion agency or designer to work and get the money rolling in.

So pick up that camera and be sure to to take as many pictures as you can.

#3. Chef

Are you a fan of food and eating? What better way to express your love and skill than in the kitchen?

Being the head of the kitchen ensures that food is properly cooked and delivered while adding your secret recipes. It’s a chance for you to also train other cooks and help them on their journey to perfection.

Chefs are sure to get paid a lot of money, depending on where you work and of course, you can always open your own restaurant business.

#4. Oceanographer

A personal favorite, oceanography is one job that allows you to experience nature and wildlife. There are different categories and whichever you pick, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

Discover what lies deep beneath the ocean and capture it. Unravel the mysteries of the ocean, while studying marine organisms and how they grow and relate. This is also an avenue to know about the world we live in and appreciate the effects of climate change.

Don’t forget to take pictures as they are sure to make tons of money.

#5. Casino Manager

This job may sound too far off but being a casino manager gives you a chance to oversee others, the money spent and the fun had by people. You’ll be in charge of the daily activities of the casino, training personnel up to standard and monitoring the casino in general.

If you enjoy being in charge and enjoy the feel of gaming, then this one is for you.

#6. Ski Resort EMT

Have you had some medical experience? Probably learnt medicine or nursing?

Well being an EMT for a ski resort comes in handy especially for those involved in sports such as skiing and snowboarding. You will be able to provide emergency medical care to those injured in such sports.

All this with the benefit of enjoying nature, snow in this case.

There are a ton more jobs that you could do that do not feel jobs at all. Of course, jobs are not enjoyable to everyone. However, if you have got any other unconventional jobs that you consider interesting and enjoyable, do let us know.

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