6 Money Saving Tech Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

NGO’s have the tendency to be very effective at gaining incredible feats, despite their limited access to very few resources.

One of the hardest resources for non-profit organizations is the money required to run them. The main source of finance for these organizations is only through grants from either government grants or donations from individuals.

Considering the tough economy we’re in, it is absolutely crucial to spend wisely. The only advantage they have over most organizations is that most for-profit organizations offer special programs and discounts to non-profit organizations which enable them to save money.

With that being said, let’s have a look at the various discount programs which might help you save some cash.

#1. Email Marketing Service

Having an email list is just as important at a non-profit as it is at any normal business organization. Your main objective should be finding ways to reach your potential clients who might be interested in what you are doing. Unfortunately, email marketing costs more as your list continues to grow.

Although there are many email marketing services available such as GetResponse, AWeber and Benchmark who offer discounts ranging from 25-50% to non-profit organizations, this is a great offer, as it is a good savings strategy. However, they still cannot beat the free service offered by VerticalResponse which sends over 10,000 monthly emails right to your doorstep.

#2. Google

For non-profits, Google offers free access to premium tools such as storage, surveys, emails, video-conferencing and webinars. In addition to all these great services, Google also offers an Ad Grant program that enables their customers with up to $10,000 per month in Adwords advertising credits. So take advantage of these services to reach your targeted clients and get the attention you deserve.

#3. Web Hosting

Web hosting services such as Grassroot.org offers free web hosting to non-profits in partnership with Bluehost. Another great platform to use is Dreamhost, which also offers the same service. These amongst many are great tools to help get your website up and running without any additional costs incurred.

#4. Online Backup and Storage

As a non-profit organization, your top priority should be backing up your files frequently, especially if you are using old computers. A company named Box offers up to 10 started licenses for free while also providing considerable discounts on its Business and Enterprise licenses.

#5. Microsoft Office 365

Make sure all your Microsoft Office applications are operated in the cloud in addition to receiving access to cloud storage, conferencing services and much more. That alone is free to qualify 501(c)(3) organizations.

#6. Digital Transaction Management

Using digital transaction management solutions will help you monitor tour business transactions. Thus, reduce headaches, expenses and most importantly saves time. Some companies, such as DocuSign currently offer a 30% discount to its customers and also has a cloud software which assists its users with grant applications, membership renewals, volunteer screening, event registration and acquiring electronic signatures on important documents.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Phone Servicing are also other ways to help you save money.

Follow these effective money-saving tips and you can also save money for your non-profit when determining what tech products or services to select.