6 Signs that an Employee’s About to Quit

Doesn’t it bother you sometimes how your employee feels about working with you? You might wonder if they feel satisfied, if they still have the zeal that they had the first day they started work; or maybe they have lost their morale and are thinking of quitting the job and finding another one.

It will probably worry you more if such an employee is one of your best or one of your favorite and you just cannot imagine losing the person at that point in time.

Well here are a few clues to give you a heads-up.

#1. Disinterested work attitude

This is probably one of the clues that you could pick on. Observe the way your employee works. Is the quality as good as before? Does he deliver on time? Does he still give his opinion or input during meetings?

If the answer to all these questions are ‘No’, then chances are that your employee is losing interest and may be considering quitting his or her job.

However note that there could be multiple reasons for this attitude. Take time to enquire or have a talk with them.

#2. Extending & leaving on time

Leaving on time is not exactly a bad thing, but leaving always is. If your employee has lost interest and cannot handle their jobs for long, chances are that they are going to take every available opportunity to skip work. That includes holidays such as New Years, and extending their holiday beyond the time allocated.

Also, during working days, rushing out the door at quitting time (or sometimes, just before) can be the first sign that your employees are slowly giving up on their jobs and their fellow employees.

Once you detect this behavior, ensure that something is done; if not, things might escalate and such an employee might act out or give up certain tasks.

So engage with your employee to find out what is going on.

#3. Expressions of unhappiness

Employees that are unsatisfied with their work tend to keep their feelings to themselves rather than opening up about it. However, as time goes on and if situations don’t change, they start to voice out their feelings. Don’t be surprised if they add in some few accusations in the mix.

Once you notice this, be sure that they are thinking of taking a hike.

#4. Lack of initiative

Have you noticed one of your employees who was the lead-runner in suggesting ideas and giving input suddenly grow quiet and sticking to the shadows? Maybe he or she has stopped volunteering to get tasks done. Their disinterest may mean they are burned out. Probably the workload is too heavy for only one person to tired or may be tired of the same routine, day in and day out.

The solution is to have someone assist them and giving them some time to regain their drive.

#5. No employee engagement

The workplace is meant to be a place where colleagues can share ideas and interact for a common goal, be it to promote a product or to improve the company.

If, instead of helping each other out, employees seem hesitant to help their colleagues out, there is a chance that one or two or more may be thinking walking through the back door. Look closely at how they interact among themselves. Employees that are interested in the company and its growth will go out of their way to help those that are struggling with something.

To help with this problem, match up new hires with seasoned employees who can mentor and encourage them. This will create stronger relationships between colleagues and slowly your employees will soften up.

#6. A tip on work/life balance

What most managers or bosses tend to forget is the fact that all your employees have families and/or personal lives. There must be a balance between work and life in order for employees to maintain a healthy relationship with colleagues.

If anything should happen to either (work or personal life), there is a likelihood that it will tip the scale and there would no balance.

Divorces or death of loved one can alter your employee’s zeal to work.

So, ensure that you have and maintain a good and personal relationship with your employees. Make sure they open up to you about what is going on.


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