6 simple steps to achieveing a life of joy

Below are 6 steps to a life full of joy

#1. Exhaust yourself

The moment you get yourself exhausted, there is no struggling and all you feel is tiredness. Your heart softens and there is a feeling of genuine compassion for yourself as well as others. The more you pay attention to details, the more you find that everyone is doing their best.

These are major steps on the journey because it is the stage wherein acceptance is been created and individual differences are acknowledged.

#2. Be still

Use breathing as a guide. It has been said that, “the effort of no effort is the hardest effort of all”. Meditation helps a lot; it actually brings you closer to the centre of your being.

#3. Stay relaxed!

That is the place healing and transformation occurs.

#4. Drop resistance

The real deal of the matter is that when you’re upset, you feel frustrated, annoyed and disappointed. Some go to the extent of being afraid. A way to take care of this is to recognize what you’re holding onto. Another step is to drop it.

#5. Enter the silence. Be in the quiet zone then rethink.

This is one of the best methods because it allows you to make a better decision or shows you the light to move on. A lot of people have joy in silence.

#6. Enter the chaos

Chaos might be from shock of loss, sobering certainty of old age, pain of despair, sickness or death etc. The world is changing day by day and we’re not in control. This creates the decision to be tossed by external events or centre ourselves in the mist.

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