6 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand, No Matter Where You Work

Are you aware of those super brands like McDonald’s and Apple? You know those brands that the first minute you hear their name you picture their brand or logo and their motto. These brands raised awareness for years to get the popularity they have now.

It is also possible for you to control your brand the same way they do. You might be a wage earner or run an entrepreneur. Either way, you still can boost your career by raising awareness which in turn can change the way people perceive you.

Here are a few recommendations to help you do just that:

#1. Join Industry Groups

One of the most important procedures to help boost your popularity is by joining local or international industry groups which can be done either online or in person. Represent your company at business events and also, take it as an opportunity to meet experts or potential investors.

Joining groups similar to your field is also an alternative. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the best. In addition, you could explore individual organization websites and seek professionals to boost your visibility.

#2. Participate in Conferences

Participating in conferences can be quite stressful and time-consuming, but you’d be surprised how effective these meetings can be.

Business conferences serve as the best avenues for promotional and learning opportunities. Participating in these conferences is the only way you’ll meet like-minded people from your field.

So make time in that tight schedule of yours and take advantage by meeting other people to help boost your popularity.

#3. Host Your Own Blog

In the event you’re a small business owner, blogging serves as a very savvy move to help build your personal brand. Launching your own website where you can discuss business matters will not only help you voice out your opinions, but offers an outlet to get the attention of potential clients or investors.

However, consistency is vital. As long as you are consistent, this will definitely help a lot.

#4. Read, Comment, and Share the Works of Others

Upon initiation, you wouldn’t get much awareness through social media outlets. But do ensure you follow people you admire and learn from them. Comment, like and share their posts to make them notice you.

Share a conversation with them as it will help raise your own credibility.

#5. Volunteer

Volunteering is also an alternative to helping you get the popularity you deserve. Giving back to your community can serve as an opportunity to not only meet people but also gives you an avenue to earn their respect.

Try as much as possible to join charities or other volunteer opportunities and change the way others perceive you.

#6. Exude Positivity

If your Facebook or Timeline is filled with complaints about how much you despise your job, or how things are going south, anyone interested in joining your industry will have doubts. They wouldn’t want to be part of your misery, and will view you as negative. Show people that you’re positive and easy to work with; instead of someone hot-tempered and ungrateful.

Keep in mind that there’s always room for more success. Never should you get too comfortable in one place in your career.

Continue to promote your name and business no matter how stormy the weather gets.

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