7 Great Things That Happen When You Spend Time Alone

In today’s pro-social world, we keep losing sight of the significance of spending time alone. We’re constantly battling for that tranquility most workplaces fail to offer. And never is this more apparent than in today’s offices- as desks are being shared instead of working independently. As a result, we hardly spend time alone to recharge ourselves, especially for the extroverts. Although it’s very important to spend time around people as we learn from them each day, it also has its downfalls.

Research has shown that even when we’re not with others, most of us are either texting, emailing, tweeting, phoning or some other means of interaction. However, we all still fail to realize that solitude is good for our mental health and emotional well-being. To enjoy life to the fullest, we must learn how to be away from others and spend time with ourselves.

Here’s a list of the numerous benefits solitude has to offer:

#1. You recuperate and recharge.

Human beings in general—regardless of how extroverted we are—ought to spend quality time away from everyone including all forms of distraction, e.g. social media. The importance of spending quality time alone cannot be emphasized enough.

#2. Freedom.

Spending time with others can be tons of fun, especially for extroverts, but nothing matches the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. You’re constantly dedicating yourself to everyone but yourself, so it’s important to take a break from everyone and focus on you! When you’re alone, you’ll have the freedom to go where ever you want or eat whatever you want without accommodating others’ opinions.

#3. There is no pressure as to how well you perform.

When you’re in solitude, you can find time to be engaged in exciting activities that you really enjoy without being pressured regarding how well you perform them.

The main advantage of doing this is connecting with your true inner-self whilst getting the chance to fully express yourself.

#4. It boosts your emotional intelligence.

Our ability and capacity to recognize and comprehend emotions that we feel in ourselves and those around us will also be heightened if we spend time in solitude.

Studies have indicated that people with high emotional intelligence (EQ) have better mental health than others. These individuals also have better job performance leadership skills.

So refresh, reflect and restart!

#5. It increases your self-esteem.

Another important aspect of spending quality time is its ability to help boost your self-confidence, which is not only important in the business world but life in general. By reflecting on your true inner-self, you’ll be aware of how important you are, thus boosting your self-esteem.

#6. Gratitude.

Being away from people in solitude will help you realize how important those in your life truly are.  So you’ll be more grateful and learn how to appreciate those around you more.

#7. Become more relaxed and tolerant.

Are you facing anger management issues? Or perhaps get irritated easily?

In the event you are, then I believe it’s high time you take a break from those sources of annoyance and constant irritation. Find somewhere tranquil and try to view things from a different perspective. You can’t change how others are, but you can definitely change how it affects you.

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