7 Islam Friendly Universities in China

Muslim parents and students often narrow their search when making a long-distance study plan, often times would prefer countries with a dominant population of Muslims, accessibility to mosques, school of taught and freedom to practice Islam.
This article brings you some of the best universities in China, with a high number of Muslim students and are Islam friendly.

1. Xi’an Shiyou University

Xi’an Shiyou University is most popular with Muslins in China. It is because of its strength in petroleum field and profound Muslim culture. Shiyou in Chinese means petroleum, so you can see from its name that the University is a leading authority. And the university has held many kinds of activities, such as Muslim students and foreign students learning and cultural exchange activities”. The university really does do alot to make Chinese traditional culture and Islam culture understood in the spirit of national equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony.

2. Lanzhou Jiao Tong University

Lanzhou Jiao Tong University is in Lanzhou, which is the capital city of Gansu province. Lanzhou city now has more than 80 approved open mosques, the mosque building is the geographical environment, economic condition factor has a small size, its architectural style is also each has its own characteristics. In the city there is Muslim library was founded in early April 1993, is the only a private library. Inside the university, there is Muslim students’ tribe; and alcohol is banned in specialized parts of the campus. And “Jiao Tong” in Chinese means “transportation”, so it is really a number one university to learn science and engineering-related majors. If a Muslim wants to kill two birds with one stone, then Lanzhou Jiao Tong University is a great place to study.

3. Northwestern Polytechnic University

Northwestern Polytechnic University is also in Xi’an, which is the capital city of Shanxi province. It is popular with Muslims for two reasons: Firstly, Xi’an has accounted for around 50% of the Muslim population in Xinjiang province, the cuisine, architecture and social norms reflect the Islamic culture. Secondly, NPU is China’s only research-oriented, multi-disciplinary, and international university of science and technology, which simultaneously excels at aeronautics, astronautics, and marine technology. Its Aeronautical Engineering is especially highly respected.

4. China Pharmaceutical University

China Pharmaceutical University is in Nanjing, which is the capital city of Jiangsu province. There are more than 90000 Muslims in Nanjing. Nanjing is on of the national key cities of ethnic and religious work. The state council named the city as “national unity progress model” in China three times. The city now has 54 ZuBie minority populations of about 150000 people, nearly 100000 people in the Muslim masses. Another important reason it that the university is really specialised in Pharmacy field.

5. China University of Geosciences (CUG)

The China University of Geosciences is located in the city that has the largest number of college students. But why Wuhan city is popular with Muslim students, is because Wuhan is a multi-ethnic city. According to the fifth census data of the year 2000, the city’s total of 50 nationalities, including ethnic minorities, 49, a total of 54200 people, accounting for 0.7% of the total population in the city. Ethnic minorities, the Hui nationality has the largest population (20000 people).

6. North China University of Technology

The North China University of Technology is in Beijing, which is the capital city of China; Muslim students like the University because the Muslim lifestyle in the university is relatively convenient. Beijing’s famous mosques are Niujie Muslim temple, Dongsi mosques, Mardian mosques, Haidian mosque, etc. And Beijing has a more halal restaurant cuisine. In 2010, the China Islamic Association held “Corban Festival” conference in Beijing on 16th November. In the banquet Muslim Chinese and foreigners who are from all over the world enjoy a nice time. Beijing is the only city that gives Muslims a three day holiday to celebrate Corban Festival.

7. Capital University of Economics and Business

Capital University of Economics and Business is also located in the capital city of China. In Beijing, the Muslim culture is really profound for we have two Hui Townships, the Hui nationality is Beijing’s most populous ethnic minority. As you know most Hui people are Muslim. This University often holds Islamic culture knowledge competition and activities such as the “Experience Muslim Ramadan festival”.

So there you have 7 Islamic friendly Universities in China for Muslims in and outside of China who may be considering going to school in a Muslim friendly environment in China. Please let us know if you ave any comments and/or contributions about this article below. Salam.

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