7 Keys To Making The Right Decision The First Time And Every Time

Entrepreneurs nowadays often face a lot of obstacles, ranging from work overload, angry investors, tough market to emotional employees. As a result, you have to buckle up and be a wise and effective decision-maker to adapt.  Some entrepreneurs find themselves in funny dilemmas where they’re so concentrated on solving a problem that they end up overthinking it. So at the end of the day, they fail to come up with a solution regarding the matter.

While some reserve time for reflective thinking on a daily basis, others use regular sabbaticals away from the office to recharge. In a nutshell, they all seem to have similar ways of thinking in their daily decision making processes.

#1. Stop to think before jumping to a decision.

In times of predicaments or while under stress, it’s tempting to make a quick decision by following your gut, or judging from experience. Being a leader, your strategy towards decision making processes sets an example for others to follow. Have a habit for always thinking and acting first.

#2. Focus fully but selectively on issues of consequence.

Attempting to solve too many problems at once doesn’t work. The initial step is to focus on problems that really matter, and need immediate attention, then delegate the rest. Then give the chosen matters your full attention for a timely and effective decision. Avoid overthinking any problem to a point of no decision.

#3. Use person-to-person interaction to confirm your thinking.

Face-to-face interaction is the best way of communicating with your clients, instead of virtual communication like calls and emails as an alternative.

Even though messaging and email may seem easier, these don’t deliver the tone or body language you must make the correct choice.

#4. Think past a potential decision to a plan for execution.

Planning the next steps, before finalizing a decision, will validate your thinking or perhaps clarify that more work is required.

Decisions made without proper consideration for execution consequences often lead to more serious and continuing issues. Extrapolate your thinking far into the future.

#5. Communicate your thinking as you deliver a decision.

Choices delivered as edicts are by no means enjoyable and may end up causing a backlash that contradicts an excellent choice.

The most successful people tend to focus their thoughts on figuring out a particular problem, and make the time to come up with ways of solving them.

#6. Manage and monitor the actual resulting implementation.

Even the best plans and good decisions can be undermined by means of unexpected events or people’s misconceptions.

The ability to make the proper selections on a timely basis is what defines you as an entrepreneur. Your ability and potential to implement the right decisions on a daily basis is what defines you as a true entrepreneur.

Nobody is born with this skill. It’s something you acquire, encounter and learn along the way.

Because of more technological innovations every now and then, which helps you react more quickly, none of those tools are a substitute for thinking, deliberating and making your own choices. Business is all about interaction. Your mission is to persuade them that they’re at the center of your thinking.

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