7 Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself Every Day

Certain myriad psychology theories on what motivates us to do the things we do: how we respond to incentives, achievement theories, and so on.

So the question is ‘’How can you remain motivated in a simple way that works every single day?’’

Here are a few recommendations

#1. Take a break- you deserve it.

Creating or finding quality time to rest is the only way we can perform at our best level. When you realize you can’t afford to take any time off, that’s when you need it most.

Ensure you plan vacations and other relaxing activities. This ought to help you regain motivation for the journey ahead.

#2. Keep your cards close to your chest.

Finally got promoted?  Happy about your new car? Constantly bragging about your new job? Great then! However, please keep it on the low.

Discussing your intentions with people to execute certain plans or desires might ultimately backfire. Sure! We all can agree that it’s hard to keep the cat in the bag, but you should try as much as possible to resist the urge to share on social media just to get likes and gushing remarks.

So do keep it to yourself until you acquire your desired success.

#3. Confront death, and define your legacy.

Being aware that we’ll eventually die is the most powerful motivator. We get bogged down in mindless activities. These activities make us feel like we’re accomplishing things, when in reality we’re just spinning in circles.

Being aware that you have limited time on this planet helps us to be more focused. Every single step we take has a major impact in defining our legacy.

#4. Cut your to-do list in half.

Cutting your to-do list in half will allow you to phantom other ideas that will eventually lead to more success, e.g. that promotion you’re seeking for. Knowing that it’s realistic for you to complete the list is empowering.

#5 Be friends with your mirror.

Engage in positive self-affirmations. Each morning while getting ready in front of the mirror, tell yourself 5 positive things about yourself, e.g. ‘ I am very confident’, ‘I will overcome all obstacles’, ‘I’m a hard worker’, ‘I am good at social interactions’, ‘I always give it my all’, ‘I am determined and take my responsibilities seriously’.

It may sound crazy but trust me… It really helps!

#6. Find the way your brain perceives your new habits.

I usually wake up two hours before work. But recently, I decided to wake up two hours earlier than usual. Instead of viewing it as two hours less I get to sleep, I saw it as two extra hours to my day, allowing me to add a full workday per week.

#7. Focus, focus, focus.

In the digital age filled with amazing innovations, we are often distracted by social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is not easy to abstain from it but try and make a difference.

I’ve heard about an event where Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Gates’s father at a dinner party. A guest asked them “What is the most important quality for success nowadays?”, and all three responded “Focus” simultaneously. They all smiled and laughed to each other because they hadn’t really prepared the answer.

We are all being buried with a ton of emails to reply and social status. Don’t be a victim of such a predicament.

So turn off your phone, stop checking your news-feed and focus on something more productive.

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