7 Useful Tips For Promoting Halal Muslim Businesses

Are you a Muslim entrepreneur looking to promote your business the halal way to give your business a chance to withstand the challenges big competitions and smaller budgets bring? Well, you’re reading the right article! Keep reading to find out what you can do to boost your business.

#1. Offer freebies

You can print your company’s name or logo on items like pens, calendars, stickers, t-shirts,etc and give it out to people you meet at events like trade fairs, social gatherings, etc. This is a great way to advertise your company to give it the exposure it needs to increase its client base.

#2. Foster relationships with your clients/customer

Put some extra effort into building personal relationships with your customers. To do this, you can do little things like being nice to them, asking them how they are and maybe even send them Christmas cards each year. This will give you their loyalty and maybe more exposure because they’re more likely to recommend you to other people when you’re nice to them.

#3. Be honest and genuine

It has been narrated that the Prophet (SAW) that sincere business owner who don’t cheat their customers will reside in Jannah in the midst of the martyrs, Prophets and the truthful. Besides, you cannot build proper relationships with your customers based on deceit and lies.

#4. Don’t make profit-making your first objective

Yes, you do need to make the profit, it keeps the business going. That’s understandable. Just don’t make it your primary aim. Focus on giving your clients quality service or products and that will keep them coming which means the profit will come as well.

As a Muslim, your primary goal in business should be please Allah by implementing Islamic rules of honesty, sincerity and politeness to customers.

#5. Accept criticism

As a business owner, you need t be open to critics and difficult customers. Some customers may scrutinize the “Halalness” of your products. Don’t get offended or even overly defensive just calmly reassure them that your products were purchased an processed in accordance to the Islamic laws.

Understand that it is within any customer’s right to question the product he/she is purchasing.

#6. Partner with other business

This may not be the easiest thing to do considering most Muslim business owners are almost always in tight competition with each other. However, remember the brotherhood all Muslims share and associate with each other for the sake of Allah. (SWT).

Follow these tips and manage your business in accordance with the laws of Islam and watch as Allah blesses your business into Success.

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