7 vital tips for Muslim brothers when discussing the subject of Muslim women

Muslim women have become the subject of many discussions today as fear and hate of Islam and Muslims continue to grow. Of course, most of the negative energy comes from lack of authentic knowledge about Islam, in addition to a lot of horrendous media representation. It has therefore become of significance importance for Muslims to stand up and defend their belief. As the struggle continues, brothers and sisters in Islam stand together with the hope to achieve freedom and justice. Sometimes however, the brothers try too hard and may overstep their bounds just a little bit. Here are a few things brothers should take note of when handling issues that have to do with Muslim women.

1.Let the sisters speak for themselves: – No matter how eloquent a brother is, he is not a woman. Allow the women talk about women issues. “He who knows it feels it”.

2.Face reality and be honest: – Sometimes you get attacked by non-Muslims who throw some very nasty things to your face. For instance, you may be asked about honour killings in Jordan. Do not just ignore the question. Admit it if it’s true and then explain that that is actually not allowed in Islam and it is a huge sin. Try to explain that Islam should be judged solely based on the behaviour of some Muslims. In fact, you could tell them about how the Arabs used to kill their female children before the advent of Islam, but with Islam, all that stopped. Don’t beat around the bush. Just admit the horrible reality and answer if you can.

3.Try to understand the question: – At times, we make the mistake of jumping too quickly to answer questions and this may result in embarrassment. Try to listen carefully and understand the question thoroughly. If you are not sure about the answer, don’t lie. For instance, if someone said he heard Muslim women were often beaten up by their husbands in a particular country and you have absolutely no idea about this, simply say “you have never heard of this but you will try to do more research into it. But of course, abuse is not Islamic.”

4.Don’t make assumptions about Muslim sisters: – Making assumptions is usually a mistake. Please consult with the sisters. Know their problems and how they feel about them; what they think. Do not think you know what sisters have to deal with.

5.Be careful with your choice of words: – It is quite easy to get upset when dealing with non- Muslims. But the trick is, learn to control yourself no matter what. You must remember that the Prophet (SAW) said the strongest man is the one who knows how to control his anger. Also, remember that anger is from Shaytan, and that is why anger always yields terrible results. When you speak, make sure your words are chosen carefully, precisely and clearly.

6.Put your words into practice : – It takes more than just a good press conference to leave a good impression about Islam. Make sure you are not just a pretender with a mouth full of good words. It would be so disappointing for you to be found making it hard for sisters to even have access to the masjid after all the defence.

7.Don’t generalize: – Avoid generalizing all women. Just because you come from a country where Muslim sisters behave in one way doesn’t mean all sisters in the world do the same; for instance, the case of the hijab. Also, do not assume that all non- Muslim women are cheerleaders or immoral. A lot of them are converting to Islam so be careful not to judge too quickly.

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