8 Easy Steps To Memorize The Qur’an

It’s indeed a miracle and blessing from Allah that one is able to absorb the Qur’an. The moment you feel the urge to read the Holy Book and be ready to accept what your Lord has sent before you, then you’ve taken a step ahead towards realizing your dream to know the Qur’an by reading it daily. You’ll eventually come to memorize it and you should be in a position to receive it and strive to achieve both its physical and spiritual benefits, Allah-willing.

#1. Establish Your Intention:

First, you have to pay attention to your intention and we all should know that one’s intention must always be good. Once your intention towards achieving anything is for a good cause, then you’ll surely get good. Most importantly, ensure that your intention falls within the “for the sake of Allah” range. I know everyone probably says “Yes I’m doing this and that for Allah’s sake” but it doesn’t really stop there. It’s actually whether you internalize what you’re saying. You have to be sincere and work towards gaining the pleasure of your Creator. Sincerity is not a one-time thing that’s established overnight and done away with. It means a lot more, as in a continuous battle that you always have to renew and revisit. With a good intention, be sure to make your Quran memorizing battle a success.

#2. Be Consistent:

Consistency is very essential. The more frequently you memorize, your better chances of it becoming easier. Don’t attempt to skip a day as there is no off day in worship. You might want to be memorizing 5 lines every day and the minimum lines you’d be expected to memorize are 3 lines a day. If you’re 100% consistent, you’ll be able to memorize the Qur’an in five [5] years.

#3. Memorize And Understand Its Content:

Before you start memorizing, read the translation and try to match the Arabic words with their meanings. You cannot memorize without knowing what each word means and the message it’s trying to let you know.

#4.Listen To Qur’an Recitations Of Well-Guided Scholars:

It is only with continuous recitation and listening that will help you to memorize. Sa’ad al- Ghamidi recites the Qur’an beautifully and is highly recommended. Further, you have to believe that there’s no magic trick in doing this. Your efforts in reciting and listening eventually pay off.

#5. Find Someone In Your Shoes:

They say birds of the same feathers flock together but that means a lot here. Find a friend, family member, or a masjid buddy who’ll get to listen to your recitation daily and tell you how things are working out. If that’s difficult for you to do, get a typical recitation buddy who’s working towards the same goal as you, the goal of memorizing the Qur’an. This way, you get to create a positive peer pressure system and life becomes peaceful.

#6.Recite The Verses In Your Daily Salah:

Recite what you’ve memorized so far in your Salah so you get to familiarize the tongue with it. Even when you make a mistake, quickly rush to the Qur’an and rectify yourself. Allah-willing, you won’t repeat that mistake.

#7. Be Punctual Throughout:

Create a time frame for your memorization process. Ideally, the best time to memorize is right after Fajr Salah. Research has it that Sh. Yasir Qadhi used to take an hour to memorize a page in the beginning but later came down to 15-20 minutes. So you’ll get there as time goes. All you have to do is be conscious of your timing.

#8. Create A Peaceful & Quiet Atmosphere:

Always turn on your memorizing mood in a quiet environment as distractions are definitely not helpful. Also make sure to switch off your mobile phone and related devices in order to devote your time to the Qur’an.

You see, it’s not impossible to memorize the Qur’an. I know there may be some difficulties along the line but with Allah in your life, everything will fall into place. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you prioritize the Qur’an, Allah will bless your day and allow you to do more during the process of memorizing it. So with these 8 tips In Shaa Allah, your journey towards memorizing Al-Qur’an will be realized. Stay patient. Jazak’Allahu Khairan!

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