8 Simple Pre-Eid Al-Fitr Planning Tips

Eid al-Fitr is just a few days away, and as usual, it is that time of the year when you have to shop and plan for the event within the few days left. Eid al-Fitr is a festive season which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and welcomes the month of Shawwal. It is highly celebrated because it marks the successful conclusion of the 29/30 days of fasting and is celebrated with families, friends, neighbours and colleagues- each exchanging gifts, dishes and pleasantries.
It is usually a big day in communities especially in Muslim dominated communities all around the world, and as such require careful planning. This article guides you towards how you could plan successfully for this big event in limited time so that you can have a memorable Eid al-Fitr celebration.

#1. Talk it out with everyone

You shouldn’t make it a mum’s affair. Besides, that is one of the reasons you never get it right in the first place. You think you alone can all the planning and still have time to prepare iftar, suhoor and participate in zikr and salat during the last ten days? Nobody said you must do it alone. Try to involve the whole family and tell them your plans and see how every member can help.

#2. Dress for success

Try to maximise your time, avoiding going to one spot repeatedly. For example, if you are going to shop for the family Eid clothes, try to check your list for what other things can buy in addition to the clothes. This will save the time and prevent you from coming back to the same spot.

#3. Gifts

In the event that you are planning on buying gifts, try to make that a priority and visit the gift shops as soon as possible to avoid last minute buying and even buying gifts you are not really convenient with.

#4. Share Eid with the family and neighbours

To avoid getting things getting mixed up, you can plan two Eid dinners: one for the family and the other for the neighbours or share some dishes to save you the stress of cleaning up afterwards.

#5. Organise a road trip

Embark on a family trip to a destination you have not been to with the family. Recite the Takbirat as you go, sing Eid songs, eat and stop in between for prayers.

#6. Plan tech-free party time

if you can get the family to really enjoy a peaceful time, try even though it’s for few hours enjoy a moment of fewer distractions from all the modern gadgets.

#7. Decorate the house for Eid

This will help liven up the atmosphere. Use balloons, banners, streamers, lights, and more. Look up creative ideas and brainstorm with the family. Choose a theme, if you like.

#8. “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar….”

Lastly, involve the kids, especially the younger ones, in loud Takbirat few days before the Eid day. On the Eid day make sure they recite it continuously while going and returning from the Eid Prayer.

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