8 Steps To Live A Happy Married Life

In Islam, marriages are formed with the intention to please Allah. The beauty of marriage lies between the spouses and Allah. With prayers and faith, anything is possible in life,

Just as much as there’s beauty in marriage, there is a dark side too. A marriage is said to be successful when dark times are faced and overcome. Marriage is done to please Allah and it requires the act of worship and all the proper deeds in Islam to be able to make the marriage prosperous.


Aside from the Islamic way, below are 8 tips to help maintain a happy married life.

#1. Forgo unrealistic expectations

Before marriage, we mostly plan out a way of life to live by. Some of us go to the extent of picking the exact behavioral-type person we’ll like to marry,  the number of children down to the last detail. Allah created human beings, imperfect human beings. We’re all bound to make mistakes and attain certain goals in life.

Love your spouse for who they are, i.e. their imperfections.

#2. Focus on the best

As mentioned previously, all humans are not perfect. The more you drill on the negatives, the more reason you find to always have a fight. Focus on the best parts as it will serve as a reminder on why you fell in love and the reason for marrying.

#3. Be your mate’s best friend

A best friend is a friend that you share every little thing with, be it important or not. Make your spouse your best friend for better flow of understanding.

#4.  Spend quality time together

With the busy life schedule, you and your spouse should always create time for each other. It might be an outing to the beach or anything that can be created to spend quality time together.

#5. Express feelings more often

Yes, most spouses get married as a result of love while others don’t. Often marriages that are formed by others, love comes to play at the latter stage as a result of knowing each other more.

Expressing feelings are the best way to remind your spouse that the passion is still within.

#6. Never bring up past problems

Past problems once dealt with, should remain in the past and be forgotten. You can walk down on memory lane provided it is a happy lane.

#7. Create surprises from time to time

Surprises are always fun and can always change a person’s mood to a positive state of mind.

Always create surprises to spice up your routine life.

#8.  Admit mistakes and move on with the present

Mistakes are inevitable. We’re all not perfect and we should always have that in mind. If a mistake is done, admit to it and move on in life.


These are the core points to a happy marriage life. Live by the points and Allah will guide you to a happy marriage.

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