8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Ramadan

Ramadan is said to the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. As we approach Ramadan, we can’t help much but think of it. We often think about the timing, day-to-day activities and how to adapt to the changes.

According to the Qur’an, It is on this month that the holy Quran got revealed. Another important part of Ramadan is that during this time, the reward for good deeds are multiplied.

After a long day of fasting, laying down on your bed thinking about how you could have utilized your day, you can’t help but think about how you could have done it differently.


Below are 8 ways to get the most out of every day in Ramadan:

#1. Recite the Quran frequently

Set yourself to read a specific amount of verses and also to know the meaning of the wordings. This will help a great deal as it will be able to enhance proper understanding. There are many benefits attached to reciting the Quran each day.

Grab onto the benefits!

#2. Voluntary Prayers

What better way to be closer to Allah than prayers?

Get as much voluntary prayer you can offer. It may range from

  • 12 Rakaah’s of Sunnah daily
  • 4 Sunnah, 2 Sunnah and 2 Nafil of Dhuhr
  • SalaatulDuhaa
  • 2 Rakaah’s of Sunnah after entering the Masjid

#3. Purifying your intentions

It is important to always remember that every good deed you do is for the sake of Allah. We often do things to please others. It is important to always reflect back just to get it clear.

#4. Doing excessive remembrance of Allah

As Muslims, we should always try to remember Allah. Prophet Muhammad often said; The people of paradise will not reject anything except only thing; ‘the hour that passed them without the remembrances of Allah’.

#5. Behaving in the best way and controlling your tongue

It has been said that good manners and character are the scales to heaven. Imagine what it brings in times of Ramadan, when good deeds are multiplied.

#6. Implementing Sunnah into your daily life

There are vast Sunnah teachings that will help you get prepared for each day; from waking up through all activities of the day until the end of the day. The cycle continues each day.

Try to map out the Sunnah and make sure to use it in each given situation.

#7. Charity and generosity

Ramadan marks great times. If you are part of the few that Allah has blessed with wealth, it is key to share this wealth or at-most give a portion of it.

#8. Schedule and Monitor

Schedule what you need to do each day as it’ll give a guide as to what to do each day and also to know how further you have gone in getting what you aspire for.


Once you get these points on the move, you’ll never have to lay down thinking about how differently your day could have done.

You are set to maximize your day!

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