9 Muslim Astronauts Who’ve Been to Space (Most People Don’t Know Even One of Them)

A journey to space is something many aspire to, but only a few human beings on the planet can actually utter the words “yes I’ve been to outer space”. What most people don’t know is that several Muslim astronauts hold the honor, and today we’re going to put the spotlight on our fellow Muslim brothers and sister who have had, quite literally, out of the world experiences.

Before you start to see who are the 9 Muslims who been to the outer space – here is a question to ask yourself.  “How many names on this list do i know?

How is it that we have more than a Billion Muslims – yet, these high achievers are not known to many. Give another friend or family member a test, ask them “name three Muslims who have Been to Space” and don’t be surprised when most people can’t pass your test.

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#9. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Sheikh Muszarhar, a Malaysian national, is the 9th and latest Muslim to travel to space-onboard the Russian spaceship Soyuz TM-11 on October 10th, 2007 – 4 months after completing training at the International Space Station (ISS).

#8. Anousheh Ansari

My very own Gloves with my initials

Anouseh Ansari, an Iranian, is the 8th Muslim and the first female to have travelled to space. She spent 7 months in the ISS upon arrival (September 18th, 2006).

#7. Salizhan Sharipov


Salizhan Sharipov was a former colonel at Kyrgyzstani Air force and the 7th Muslim to travel to outer space. Shalizhan had been to space twice, spending a total time of 253 days in space and had also conducted two career spacewalks totaling 10 hours and 34 minutes.

#6. Talgat Musabayev


Talgat Musabayev, an ex-Kazakhstani test plot, is the 6th amongst the list of Muslims to visit space. He went to space on 3 different missions, totaling 342 days which almost totals a year. Talgat is currently the head of the national space agency for his nation.

#5. Toktar Aubakirov


Toktar Aubakirov is another Kazakhstani topping his fellow Kazakhstani colleague, Talgat Musabayev. Toktar is the 5th Muslim astronaut to fly in space, and he’s also a former Major General in the Kazakhstani Air Force. He flew onboard a Russian space shuttle on October 2nd, 1991.

#4. Abdul Ahad Mohmand


Abdul is the 4th Muslim on the list to journey into space. He served as an aviator in the Afghan Air Force, then later joined the Russian Soyuz Tm crew members and spent nine days onboard the Russian space station Mir in the late 1980s as an Intercosmos Research Consultant.

#3. Musa Manarov


As a Russian Muslim astronaut, Musa Makarov has been to space 3 times. It is believed the he has spent what amounts to more than a thousand days in space which is fascinating and surprising as well. In the past Musa served the Russian Armed Forces as a colonel in the Soviet Union.

#2. Mohammed Faris


Another great Muslim astronaut and hero to many is Mohammed Faris, who was the second Muslim to fly to space. Faris was a Syrian military pilot who specialized in navigation before he was selected for the Russian space expedition, Intercosmos.

#1. Salman Al Saud

Al Sud

Salman Al Saud tops our list as the first Muslim to visit space. Salman accomplished  excellence as a former Saudi fighter pilot, as well as a member of the Monarchy of his beloved country. He flew on board the American STS-51-G space shuttle mission as a payload specialist.

We hope we’ve added to your knowledge with this post and have been able to inspire you with the distinguished accomplishments of these brave Muslim brothers and sisters who’ve ventured into the unknown.

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