The Proper Way to wear A Hijab

It is required by Islam that Muslim women cover up themselves when they go outside. It is believed that when a female covers up herself, she is given the respect she deserves.


The article describes the physical requirements of a hijab.

Colors and styles

Modesty is key in a hijab’s dress up. No matter what style or color worn, it should be modest and based on the principles of Islam.

Try as much as possible to avoid colors that are extremely bright.


Nowadays, we see a lot of hijabs dressed up and not wear the hijab the proper way. Some might decide to cover their hair and leave their hands exposed. Others might just use a head scarf to cover their hair and leave their ears exposed.

Other hijabs go the extra mile to cover their hands and legs. The hijab is a dress code that should cover the entire ‘awrah’ of a woman. That is; every part of her body except the face, palms and feet.


Just as others, hijabis are allowed to put on make-up. The amount doesn’t matter as long as they feel comfortable it’s perfect. It is important to note however, that attaching eyelashes or fake nails is against islamic teachings.


Hijabis should avoid transparent clothing and it is important to cover the entire body. Try as much as possible to wear long-loose dresses.

Here’s a tip: Try to get as much Abaya (long loose gowns) as you can.


Jewelry must not be displayed because in women’s jewelry may attract unwanted attention.

Dressing should not resemble that of men’s

Muslim women are allowed to wear pants only if they wear it underneath their garments. Hajibis should try as much as possible to avoid wearing clothes the resemble that of men’s clothing.

Speeches and behavior guided by Islamic principles

Every word that is altered from a hijab’s mouth should be authentic and guided by Islamic principles. Discipline is key and we should always remember that.

I hope this article gives hijabis an additional knowledge on how to wear the hijab properly.

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