Six Stages of Life in Islam

Islam is built of five pillars;

  1. To worship non but Allah
  2. Zakat
  3. Five daily prayers
  4. Hajj
  5. Fast in the time of Ramadan

These important pillars is the life of every Muslim. We all have heard of Adam and how he came of existence (clay) and of Hawa (Eve) as well. All of their descendants were created from sperm and ovum.

Every stage is important in the life of a Muslim and everything one does should be guided by the principles of Islam.


Below are the six stages of life in Islam.

Life in Lau Ho Mahfuz

Allah created all the souls that descended from Adam. Everything about our souls is documented. While our souls are being created, Allah asks; ‘Who is our creator?” Everyone replies “you are’.

Life in the mother’s womb

After the soul is created it is sent down into the mother’s womb. All the food and nutrients the fetus needs is sent through the umbilical cord. The fetus lives 9 months in the mother’s womb and during that stay, it is transformed to a baby.

Life in this world

This starts from birth, the moment the baby breaths and cry for the first time. They are taught about Islam and the way of life.They in turn have children and teach them the ways of life.

This stage is used to test human beings. To know how well they can adapt and how religious they are.


Death occurs when the soul is removed from the body. In Islam, it is believed that the soul is kept in a good place until the Day of Judgment arrives (if the soul is a good soul).If the soul is evil (i.e a sinner or disbeliever), it is kept in torment until the Day of Judgment.

Day of judgment/ Resurrection

This is the stage in which all souls will get up from the graves and judged upon.

After rulings from the day of judgment

Ones the fifth stage is passed, the good doers will enter paradise and the bad doers will enter hell.

May Allah (SWT) shower upon us His infinite mercy and grant us paradise. Amin






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