A Man Walks into a Mosque and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next: Stories from the Life of Muhammad (PBUH)

One day, a Bedouin came to town and asked to see the Imam (the worship leader). The imam was sitting in the masjid (mosque) with his companions and the Bedouin went to him. He asked the Imam for some money or gold. When the Imam gave him some, the Bedouin was not content. He asked for more.

The companions of the Imam were upset at the man’s greed and got up to punish him but they were stopped by the Imam. Calmly this Imam stood up and asked the Bedouin to follow him. They went to the Imam’s house, which was neither fancy nor luxurious in anyway.

The imam went in and brought out some more gold and gave the Bedouin. However, the sight of the Imam’s house made the Bedouin feel content because he realized that even though the Imam was a leader, he lived a very simple life. His house was not extravagant and he was a very humble man. He told the Imam this. There upon the Imam told him, “You said some very harsh words and am afraid my companions will punish you if they see you around. Would you come to the masjid and apologize in front of them and tell them how content you are now?”.

The Bedouin agreed. The next day, he showed up at the Masjid and in front of everyone, he admitted his wrong and said he was content. The companions of the Imam smiled.

Then addressing the group the Imam said, “The parable of me and these types of individuals is like that of the man whose camel was running away from him. With the [thought] they could help the owner, people were running after the camel. The camel was frightened and ran faster. The owner called on the people, please leave my camel alone, I know better how to calm it. When the people stopped chasing the camel, the owner followed it calmly, with a fistful of grass. Then without the need for running, yelling, he showed the grass to it”.

This is a story about the Prophet of Islam, Muhammed (peace be upon him). He was indeed a man with great wisdom and patience, and is no doubt the greatest man to ever walk the earth, on account of his wisdom, his choices and decisions that were always in the interest of fairness and justice, and as such we must learn from his ways, i.e. the Sunnah. Share this post so others too can learn and spread this around the world for all to know.

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