A Woman’s True Beauty Is Reflected In Her Soul, Shyness, Deen and Iman

A Muslim woman is one who strikes a balance between her external appearance and internal nature. She understands that she is composed of a body, a mind and a soul, and gives each the attention it deserves, without exaggerating in one aspect to the detriment of others. In seeking to strike the right balance, she is following the wise guidance of Islam which encourages her to do so.

She understands that a strong believer is more loved by Allah (AZAWAJALA) than a weak believer, as the Prophet (SAW) taught, so she always seeks to strengthen her body by means of a healthy lifestyle.

When she encounters a problem, she knows that Allah has provided a solution in the Qur’an, and that what is important is her sincere love, submission, and trust in Allah. She is certain of Allah’s promise that He creates everything according to His justice and with wisdom and goodness.

Even if her problems seem to go on forever, she never surrenders to hopelessness or worries when His help will come. Content with what He has sent her way, she maintains her patience and submission, knowing that something good will come out of it. She remembers what the Qur’an says about those who abandon their belief in such times. In addition, she recites:

“My Lord is with me and will guide me” (Qur’an, 42:62), just as the Prophets did when faced with hardship.

Throughout her life, her profound faith enables her to see Allah’s compassion, closeness, love, help, and friendship at all times. Allah created men and women for a purpose and revealed their responsibilities in the Qur’an. Men and women are required to lead the moral life prescribed by Allah, worship and serve Him, and to win His pleasure. They are required to tell people who are far from the happy and contented life about following the Qur’an’s teachings and to make a genuine effort to help them draw closer to Allah’s pleasure, mercy, and Paradise.

She believes in Allah without the slightest doubt in her heart for her whole life, never losing heart or belief regardless of the circumstances. She knows how to be grateful and content with her closeness to Him both when her life is good and when she is undergoing difficulties. She is in a state of constant submission, certain of our Lord’s love, compassion, forgiveness and providence.

Ibn Taimiyah said in AI-Fatawa, “The righteous woman is the one who consistently obeys her husband. Her obligation to her husband comes second only after her obligation to Allah (Azawajala).”

Therefore, every Muslim woman should seek to attain, in herself, the qualities of a good wife, by obeying Allah (Azawajala) and His Prophet (ﷺ), a path that will lead to paradise. Also, if Muslim wives implement these qualities, then their marriages will be full of happiness. The best of advice to every Muslim woman is to avoid the ways of the Kuffar.

The Kuffar do not build their families on religion, but on their desires. They ignore the basic differences between men and women and treat them as equals in every regard. In Islam, men and women have different roles. More duties are assigned to men, while woman have more influence in the way their children are raised. A Muslim woman spends much more time with the children than her husband does.
May Allah grant us understanding…..Amen!

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