MuslimInc. is a new Muslim Media Platform with a unique approach to bring Muslims around the world closer and lighting the way for a better future.

Like most Muslims around the world, we felt the need to have a dedicated platform that could become a unique voice of the global Muslim community. With the latest news and current affairs of the Muslim world to informational and educative articles, we will  be catering not only to Muslims around the world but anyone interested in learning more about Islam and its tenants.

We also aim to build a strong online community, which is why we welcome everyone’s contributions. You can contribute with a simple share on your social networks to submitting an inspirational story or becoming a partner/sponsor.

With your support, we are certain that we can achieve new heights and make sure the world knows Islam for the beautiful religion it is.

Looking forward to welcoming you aboard,

Team MuslimInc.

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Hunain Naseer
Chief Editor
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Mentor, Chief Editor, WordPresser, Creative Writer, Lawyer, Gamer, Graphic Designer, Left-Handed, Meat Eater, Almost Human.
Modou Sarr
Senior Editor
Modou is a lawyer who loves to write and has a keen interest in journalism, specifically current affairs and developments in the world's muslim landscape. He works as a Senior Editor on MuslimInc. along with writing for various online publications.
Loraine David
Senior Writer
Loraine has a lot of experience with news writing and has majorly covered sports news prior to joining MuslimInc to write on business news. In her free time she loves playing video games.
Hussain Drammeh
Associate Writer
Muslim, writer, Economist, friend or foe depends on the situation. Far from perfect neither absolutely imperfect. But there's no one me-er than me and that's truer than true.
Elliot Anderson
Senior Editor
Elliot has founded several small businesses successfully and loves writing about business news and opinions on where the global business landscape is going.
Abdoulie Njai
Associate Writer
Outgoing,Sports fanatic, Poet, Creative writer, Left handed,Critical thinker, Music lover, Gamer, Pieces(Horoscope), Argumentative, A Visionaire.
Ya Sally
Associate Writer
Muslimah, law undergrad, feminist, humanist, saggitarian, waggish, self-made thousandaire, ambivert, professional procrastinator.
Aisha Juwara
Associate Writer
Medical student, writer, poet, Libra, self-acclaimed Human Rights activist.
Fatou Njie
Associate Writer
Fatou loves writing about Islam and covering the latest news from the Islamic world. In her free time she likes gardening and knitting.


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  1. Wajeeh Wasi Abdul Azeem

    Most of the incidents mentioned by you of the story of abdul rehman bin auf seems to have no reference from the authentic history books and hadith’s. Please relate to me those books if you know them, as I for one could not find them. That would be of much help.

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