Alphabet’s Nest Thermostat Now Available in the UAE

The Nest Learning Thermostat, also known as Nest Thermostat is a smart thermostat which is designed by Tony Fadell, Ben Filson, and Fred Bould and developed by Nest labs. It is a programmable electronic and self-learning Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that boosts cooling and heating of businesses and homes to save energy.

It is based on a machine learning algorithm, so users have to regulate the thermostat for the first week, so as to provide the reference data set. The device can then study the schedule of users, at which temperature they are used to and when it is required. It can also shift into energy saving mode when it realizes nobody is at home, using built-in sensors and phone locations.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet’s Nest Learning Thermostat is now locally available for buying in the UAE.

Architect of the energy-saving thermostat, Nests Labs just recently announced its availability in the UAE.

General Manager of EMEA, Nest Labs, Payton Dobbs said that since they launched in 2011, the Nest Learning Thermostat has been installed in millions of homes around the world and have helped save more than 18 billion kWh of electricity. Dobbs said that is more than enough electricity to power all the homes in the UAE for a whole year. He added that the Nest Learning Thermostat is now available in the UAE, meaning millions more homes can now benefit from its beautiful design and energy saving features.

The Nest Thermostat studies the temperatures preferred by each user, then it programs itself and recognizes how long it takes to cool a home so that it is comfortable at all times.

Professional installation is highly recommended, because the Nest Thermostat connects to your cooling system.

Nest said in a statement that when you leave, it turns itself down so as to save energy and with the Nest app, you can change the temperature or check your Energy History from anywhere.

United Arab Emirates’ Nest Learning Thermostat has the same features similar to the Canadian and US versions, including auto-schedule, remote control, home and away assist, early on far-sight and energy history.

Furthermore, the Nest Learning Thermostat can speak with other connected products in your home, such as IFTTT, Philips Hue, and Belkin WEMO, so as to work together and learn from one another.

With VAT included, its suggest retail price is AED999 about $272.

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