Amazing Islamic television channels for every Muslim home

One of the problems faced by the parents today is insecurity about what their kids are exposed to on the media. It is for this reason that some parents try to restrict the number of channels they watch or allow their kids to watch. If you are one of such parents, enthusiastic to gain more Islamic knowledge without losing the chance to be entertained as well, this is the right article for you. Below are a few of the popular TV stations that you can watch with the entire family, with the main objective of bringing the knowledge of Islam into our homes.

#1.Guide US TV
First all-English 24-hour channel for real Islam in America. It runs across the U.S.A. and Canada, presenting live shows and recorded programs. The channel presents real facts and true stories about Islam and Muslims from familiar faces and personalities of HUDA TV and Peace TV. Bring your family together along with Yusuf Estes for entertaining, educational and spiritually enlightening programs for all ages. The name says it all – GUIDE US TV

#2.Huda TV
Huda Tv is not a religious channel as religion is defined in the west; rather it is a window allowing viewers a glimpse into the daily lives of 1.2 billion Muslims who inhabit every corner of this planet which we all share. Available on channel 249 on free view or online.

#3.Peace TV
It is an Islamic Satellite television network, which broadcasts globally 24/7 from Mumbai, India. Peace TV programs are in English, Urdu and Hindi language. The network covers live events, Islamic lecture programs for adults and youths, and learning shows for children. Its president, Dr. Zakir Naik, often calls it an edutainment channel.

#4.Noor TV
Provides great television programs for the 12 Million Muslims across Europe. The programs are for all ages, especially young people who have been born in UK. Noor TV focuses on education, lifestyle, family entertainment, travel shows, historical documentaries, kids programs, Maghreb and ish’a prayers from Medina, community updates, legal talk, legacies of Islam and more. All these are aimed at fostering and promoting Islamic teaching and morals.

#5.Saudi Arabia TV
They are the official television stations of the Saudi Government ranging from Saudi 1-4. They are actually Saudi based English and Arabic Islamic channels. Saudi 1 was established by the late King Faisal and the first test television transmissions in the Kingdom took place in 1965. It is known for showing religious programs and Islamic rituals such as hajj. Saudi 1 uses the best equipped and most sophisticated television facilities in the region.

#6.Bayyinah TV
Bayyinah is an American based English Islamic station with a different perspective as it focuses on teaching to memorize, understand and learn the language of the holy Quran in an innovative, affordable and easy way; all in the comfort of our homes. It was founded in 2006 by Nouman Ali khan, a professor of Arabic in Nassau community college Texas. His mission is to enrich individuals, families and institutions by making Arabic and Qur’anic studies accessible to the world. All of their programs offer comprehensive study resources to guide students toward their educational goals.

#7.Islam channel
It is a UK based free to air English Muslim channel fully founded by advertisement and donations. It commenced broadcasting in 2004 on sky digital channel 836. It’s programs range from current affairs, education, Islamic values, Islamic doctrine, as well as domestic, financial and community related topics. It is managed by Mohamed Ali Harrath, and also streamed live online.

#8.Iqraa TV
It is an English Islamic channel founded by Saleh Abdullah Kamel in the US. The channel promotes itself as a “Muslim family’s safe haven”, presenting religious and social programming .It was launched in 1998 and aired its first English programming in 2011 with the mission to ” educate Islam to non-Arab Muslims, and reveal misconceptions as well as clarify the teachings of Islam.

#9.Eman TV
It is a media alternative for Muslims living in this technologically advanced and modern world. It is based in London UK, with the soul of representing Islam in contexts suitable for current times, culture, environment and audiences. Eman Channel also aims to provide suitable solutions through media for issues that concern the Muslim community in the west.
Whether you live in the west, east, south or north of the globe does not matter. As long as you have a media device, you can always tune in and get updated on the state of the deen and get access to high quality programs both in terms of both production value and Islamic principles. Importantly, they are available freely on satellite televisions in sha Allah.

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