Are video games good for kids?

Video games are mostly associated with being a big time consumer and the reason that will make younger people become very violent and anti-social. However psychologists’ have found ways in which video games makes children become smarter.

The brain’s physical structure is changed just like how learning to read changes the brain’s structure. The combination of concentration and rewarding surges of neurotransmitter like dopamine make the neural circuits that build the brain stronger. To win some video games it requires abstract and high level thinking.

Positive Effects

  1. Brains are trained to come up with inventive ways to find a solution to puzzles and other problems in short bursts.
  2. Video games that involve shooting require hand-eye coordination because the shooter will be running and aiming to shoot at the same time. The games also require visual-spatial ability to excel. If your child wants to become a pilot, playing videos games will be very good practice for him or her because pilots now are being taught via video game simulations.
  3. Players learn the best use of their resources as they play and learn to manage their limited resources.
  4. Players are very alert to changes or say an enemy popping up onto the screen because they have to be able to change their tactics really quick. Players are multitasking by keeping track of any variables.
  5. Faster decisions are made without losing accuracy if the players are focused. This is a good skill to develop as your child grows.
  6. As a child masters the game, he or she will gain more confidence and esteem in themselves. Starting games from a lower level increases practices as skills are being built and he or she becomes confident handling higher levels.
  7. Multiplayer games encourages kids to work cooperatively with other players to reach a goal. The players will listen to each other and make plans and divide their tasks based on their skills. The international video games introduces children to people from different nationalities and they can form friendships that way.

Negative Effects

  1. The main reason why a lot of people are anti video games is because of the violent content in some games.
  2. Kids become isolated if they are always playing video games and don’t put much time into other activities like doing homework, sports, reading or spending time with family or friends.
  3. Progressive ideas such as gender neutrality are still lacking In some video games, in which women are often given the image of the weaker, helpless and sexually provocative characters.
  4. Kids that spend more time playing video games achieve less academically as a result of skipping their homework for more play time or not studying because they find the games more appealing.
  5. Children can pick up bad language from these video games and repeat them out loud.

As a parent you should monitor the games your child plays and ensure they are not playing the violent ones. If they ask you to buy them a game, make sure you pick an appropriate one, games often depict advisory and explicit content warning if they are made for more adult consumers so watch out for the sign.

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