Attending a Muslim Funeral- A Guide for non-Muslims

We live in a multi-faith society thus making it important to learn about other religions. Most of our family members or friends are Muslims.

Have you ever attended a Muslim funeral and you feel completely lost?

If yes, you’re not the only one and here is a guide to help you.


Upon death

When a Muslims dies, it is encouraged that everyone should stay calm, pray for the deceased and prepare for the burial. It serves as a time in which everyone should remember that we’re all here for a certain period of time. Like all humans, grief is allowed, such as crying but it should be done in a proper manner and remember calmness should always be considered.

The funeral

A loss to a family is not a loss to the family alone but instead the whole Muslim Society and unlike other religions, Muslims bury the deceased as soon as they are gone.

The funeral involves several stages like washing the body, wrapping the body, Genaza prayer then the burial finally.

The Genaza prayer is known as the funeral prayer. The coffin will be place in front of the congregation and prayed upon.

After the prayer, visitors are allowed to follow the congregation as they move towards the grave and when they reach the grave, the coffin will be lowered and the grave filled. Note that Muslims are not buried with coffins; they’re only used to transport the deceased. The Imam then says the final prayers and then the congregation will disperse.

Members of the family may wish to stay longer. Also, visitors may wish to use this time to give their condolences.


These are the code of conduct of a Muslim funeral;

Dress code

Both men and women should dress modestly. This shows a sign of respect towards the religion and most importantly to the deceased.

Men- long trousers and long sleeve shirt.

Women- Ankle length skirt and with sleeve with a head scarf covering the hair.


Wearing shoes into the prayer hall

Tight and transparent clothing


Muslim women are not allowed to attend the funeral i.e. going to the mosque or the graveyard.

I hope this article gives a tips on how to attend an Islamic funeral.

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