#Attention: 5 Ways To Utilize The Power Of Hashtags

It’s about time you learnt about the power of #hashtags.

With regards to social media marketing, hashtags are a way to boost your SEO and content viewership. It also contributes to building brand awareness on different platforms.

Hashtags help in creating new and exciting conversations and unite similar conversations all over the internet and will definitely aid in getting new followers to your accounts.


Keep in mind that you don’t need to use the hashtags all the time…! As a matter of fact, tweets with only one hashtag work their magic more than those with three or more.

Be a hashtag god of your own by checking out the following five creative ways of exploiting their power.

#1. Initiate (Or Continue) A Conversation

Hashtags allow you to organize ongoing discussions, permitting everyone on social media to join in. It makes search results, compiling all conversations with the hashtag allowing everyone to go along.

Also, one thing to know is that with all the conversations and comments going on a social network, there are other potential customers following your conversation, wishing to gain more knowledge.

#2. Multiple Promotions across Social Networks

If you’re looking for a way to promote your brand or product across all your social media accounts, hashtags are the way to go. They will help aggregate posts across all accounts but the key is to find an applicable hashtag.

Your followers may just go with the flow. Using hashtags in social media marketing will boost growth in accounts that may have been dormant.

An example could be using one hashtag on Instagram. You’ll be sure to see your engagement levels take a plunge.

#3. Public Content Marketing

Create hashtags that permits users to upload photos for the opportunity to get a feature on the brand’s profile or homepage. Allowing your followers and fans to get involved by submitting content of their own will give them a sense of belonging, making them feel like they belong to your brand and gives you the chance to regularly update your account.

#4. Take Advantage Of Locations

If you have got a local audience base, hash-tagging your city or town helps in attracting local customers. This is one way to reach a specific audience and ensures that you reach out to potential customers.

Find out what hashtags are popular in your local area and what content pops up. It is a chance to grow your exposure by engaging with government programs or other local businesses.

#5. Feedback

Getting feedback is key in running a business and social media is a place to get enough of that. You will be able to acquire opinions on your new project or ideas from potential customers too. Create a hashtag that represents the kind of feedback or opinions that you would like from users.

Be careful to walk on eggshells with this tip. So many brands have been victims to trolls who have taken over hashtags and turned them against their brands.

Take note that you will have negative feedback too and although it is vital to get the negative comments for improvement, you would not want new customers to view your brand with a bad eye.

So there you have it! The five ways to use hashtags efficiently.

Now you can get down to hashtagging… ####


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