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Parents have a significant role of conveying knowledge to the bright and young Muslim minds that have incredible potential for learning and retaining information. Reading to your child is an enjoyable experience for both you and the child. There are

Beating wife

Our creator Allah SwT created the bonds of marriage to unite two people to live together in peace, love and harmony. It is obligatory on the wife to obey her husband in every way, except when the husband commands her to

Muslim woman

Islam give women a lifestyle that essentially liberates them and give them much power and control. The Almighty Allah elevates, raises, and honors women in a manner so great that He makes women, not men to be the ones that

Muslim couples

Rights of a Wife in Islam

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All thanks and praises due to our creator Allah SwT, and peace be upon His Messenger Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Our religion Islam has bestowed duties upon a husband towards his

Happy couples

In Islam, marital relationship is an incredible blessing from Allah (SwT); it is a lot more than having someone to call husband or wife. It is stated by our creator Allah SwT in the Qur’an: “..He made for you from yourselves companions that


Many children become orphans as a result of various disastrous incidents such as tsunami, floods, earthquakes and a lot more other factors. Therefore, the issue of caring for these orphaned kids becomes a task that has to be dealt with.


Marital conflict has the ability to destroy a couple’s relationships and can get them into a heartbreaking divorce. In marriages, conflicts are inevitable, but people should avoid conflicts to the best of their abilities. No couples should allow themselves to


Muslims write their own stories during the past 30 days of Ramadan through their unique commitment and devotion to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) and their du’a, as well as the way they relate to each other in kindness.  However, how can Muslims


For a Muslim parent, shouting and yelling can be a very bad example especially as children learn about Islam from watching their parents. The little ones get scared of their parents when they yell at them. This could create a