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As the price of oil per barrel continues to drop, and the trade deficit plummeting, the Algerian government is seeking to develop the Islamic Finance sector with Sharia­-compliant solutions for state banks. They are forecasting a launch by the end of


The reasons why Muslim forces invaded and conquered the Iberian peninsula in 711 are still up for debate. The long-established story is that Musa Ibn Nusair, the Governor of North Africa, was responding to a plea made by an oppressed

Abu Dhabi

As per data gathered from the Central Bank of UAE, Sharia complaint banks have decreased in growth yet they are still expanding faster than conventional banks. As of July 2016 the Islamic financial institutions growth rate was at an impressive


GOOD vs BAD (Part 3)

In the art of war, you have to know your enemy’s “playbook” in order to create your own strategy. The best asset you can have is to have a spy. However we do not need that when it comes to

Satan 2

GOOD VS BAD (Part 2)

Another cunning trick that Satan likes to play on people and usually wins is the guilt factor. He would tell you that you are beyond repair. You have done sin that Allah SWT would never forgive you so that you


Good vs Bad (Part 1)

If you believe in God, then you must believe in Satan’s existence – and if you believe that Satan exists, then there must be a God right? Let me give you a scenario; you may have had something called a


Praise be to Allaah. While writing this article, I stumbled on a clipping from a newspaper called “EVENING STANDARD” that had an article with the heading: “At home I’m dead. But on stage, I’m God”. The article explained how the musician called Angel

Student Loans

Student Loans and Islam

Student loans play a major role in someone’s life. A lot of people spend huge chunks of their earnings paying off their student loans after graduation. There really isn’t life after college after all. The bigger the profession, the higher


A check of $45,000 was paid to Takaful Insurance Program in December, 2012. Takaful Canada which is a joint venture between three Canadian cooperatives, received the check from the co-operators as a participation reward. Their plan was to share the