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Hijab styles are considered to be extremely beautiful and simple. However it isn’t always easy especially when you have to deal with the following seven situations, which take place very frequently. This article also serves as a message to marketers


Eid Made Special

Did you know that in the past few years modest fashion and halal food industries had experienced a huge rise in the West? This is as a result of the growth of Muslim communities  especially in Canada, Europe, USA as


Tatreez is known to be a traditional Palestinian embroidery which originates from Palestinian villages. A lot of time is spent on this traditional embroidery and it includes sewing and bringing colorful pieces together. It is a symbol of Palestinian cultural

muslim laughing

Some of the comments offered by Muslim thinkers of the Middle Ages has been about anything you can think of and laughter is no exception. Below is what some of them have to say. A physician by the name Ali ibn


Meet Halima Aden

Halima Aden is a Somali-American that was born in a refugee camp in Kenya. By the age of 6 she was then moved to Minnesota. Aden is a teenager who hopes to diversify the stereotypical image of beauty pageant contests


As  a prophet,  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught people to follow ethical standards in their daily lives. This includes trading, business transactions and entrepreneurship. The ethical values he followed are clearly noted in the Quran. “When a sale is held, say,


It is said that Islam does not dictate the price or profit of a particular good/ service. It however encourages non-monopolistic free markets. This is where demand and supply of the good dictates the price. It is based on demand