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Some parents today don’t want to get too close to their children because they fear that their children will not respect them if there is a lot of familiarity between them and their children. Such parents assume that their children


You will all agree with me that each child has a right when he or she is born into this world. However, every child has a duty towards their parents. The Prophet Muhammad (Salalahu Alaihi Wasalam) taught us that paradise

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As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher because educations starts at home. When parents and family members are involved in the school life of their children, the child do better because of the support he

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Parenting is one of the most difficult and complicated responsibilities in life.  Islam lays a lot of  emphasis on parenting. In the Islamic view, the duty of a parent starts even before one brings a child into this world. It


Today, some of the major problems in homes are as a result of the lack of communication between children and their parents. About 75 per cent of the world’s children know little or nothing about what is happening in the daily lives of their

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Teaching children about Islam is the key to understanding the world, its history and the way things are today. Teaching your child Islam is not a choice but your duty. You as a parent should always have it in your

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We all need the approval of others; we want to be seen in a positive light and to be considered good and promising. For some people, this is a very strong need and they are constantly seeking approval from others.


Whenever we see our parents doing something wrong, either engaging in arguments or highly prohibited things in Islam, we feel uncomfortable and may want to stop them from engaging in such deeds. For many however, there are few questions that


The month of Ramadan is blessed with a special night that is better than a thousand months. Good deeds performed on this night are better than those performed over a thousand months. This night is Laylatul Qadr, otherwise called the


Muslims all over the world fast in the Holy of Ramadan. The world Ramadan comes from the Arabic root ‘ramad’, which means scorching heat. This root signifies the burning desire of a seeker to connect with his or her Creator.


Many people believe that the benefits of fasting stop at getting rewarded by Allah the Almighty, getting closer to Him and having His protection from the influence of Shaytan. Yes, these facts are very true but fasting helps in so


During Ramadan, two main meals are served i.e. Suhoor, which is served before dawn and Iftar, which is served a little after sunset. At the end of the day, when the sun sets, then Maghreb prayer starts, and the days


The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed. The ritual of fasting helps a Muslim to get closer to Allah. This purifies the Muslim’s soul thereby freeing him from negative and harmful activities. Allah is

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Unity, peace and obedience are essential in every family between children and their parents. In Islam, showing obedience to parents is the fastest way of earning blessings from them and from Allah. Obeying parents is a direct commandment of Allah.


According to recent reports, the UAE Food Bank will this Ramadan feed many more people as a result of increase support from donors. On the first day of Ramadan on Thursday May 17th, the Food Bank, which gave away 2,160