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It was an enlightening moment for me when I heard my non-Muslim colleagues express their views on Ramadan. It really made me understand how difficult and strange things might sound simply because we don’t really understand them. The month of

Sami Yusuf

Singing is a gift, and only some from amongst us are born with this unique ability. Let’s take a look at popular Muslim artist from around the globe. #1. Sami Yusuf A British singer of Iranian Azerbaijani descent who is


For many centuries, the holy scripture of the Muslims- Quran has passed the test of time as one of the undiluted, most read and memorized religious books in the world. Knowing how to read the Quran and learning to master


“The foundations of the social system of Islam, rest on the belief that we are all equal and constitute one single fraternity.” An Islamic society is the society whose members have “Iman” (faith) in Islam, apply its laws in their

NALTAR (GILGIT): January 28 – A skier showing skills during Sadia Khan Cup at PAF Ski Resort. APP

The economic aspect of Islam is one of the most significant parts of our life as Islam views life as a compact whole and does not divide it into conflicting parts. The Islamic system is balanced and places everything in


Liberty describes a condition in which human beings can act according to their own free will and take responsibility of their own actions and freedom to choose one’s own pursuit in life. The Holy-Quran says “There is absolutely no force


Islam is, by some measures, the fastest-growing religion in the world. For one to join the Muslim Ummah, it requires a simple and sincere declaration of faith to become a Muslim. The declaration should not be made lightly, thus devoting oneself


Khadija was one of the eye witnesses of Islam. Khadīja bint Khuwaylid was a noble lady and also known to us as the mother of the believers. She was the first person ever to accept Islam. Khadija was the first


Muslim women played an important role in defence of Islam and the Islamic state under the prophet’s command. They contributed in many battles just to fight for peace in Islam. In almost every military encounter, the participation of Muslim women,


This sermon was delivered on the Ninth Day Dhu’Ihijja 10 A.H in the Uranah valley of Mount Arafat. The Prophet peace be upon him said: “ O people lend me an attentive ear, for I know not whether, after this