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Hague Mosque

A mosque located in The Hague, in the Netherlands was recently vandalized; this according to the Imam of the mosque Sinasi Koc. According to recent reports, there has been no account of any group taken responsibility for the wreckage done

Human rights 2

In an earlier article on the same topic, we discussed the meaning of human rights in the Islamic context as opposed to the modern day thinking on the subject. Human rights refer to the rights of humans given directly from


According to studies conducted by the Pew Research Centre, European countries could have a three fold increase in their Muslim populations by 2050. Over the next few decades, Muslim populations in Europe will still continue to rise even if migration

Rights 1

The simplest understanding of the concept of human rights in Islam can be described as rights of every person established by Allah. Furthermore, in Islam human rights are centered on fairness, self-worth, and reverence for the human race. The human


In the previous article of the same subject, we discussed the meaning of Istighfaar and Tawbah as two forms by which Muslims can repent in Islam. We further discussed the steps involved in doing Istighfaar. In this article, we will


In this article, we will elaborate briefly on the meaning of Istighfaar and Tawbah. We will also describe the basic steps involved in doing Istighfaar accompanied with few illustrations. We will further discuss the steps involved in completing a proper


Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman and in Islam a man (the husband) is tasked with providing sustenance, protection and the general well-being for the woman i.e. his wife. In return the wife is tasked with

Women's right

Some of the rights a wife has over her husband were discussed in part 1 of this series published recently. In that article issues such as The Mahr (some sort of dowry entitlement to the wife), Sustenance(the right for the wife to


The mainstream media is quick to label the Muslim woman/wife as a subjugated individual. That narrative is purely intended to defame the religion of Allah. Islam gives a number of rights to a wife over her husband including: The Mahr

Nikah 2

Are you thinking of having a spouse? Then this piece is right in your alley. #1.To Begin with -Spouse Selection Selecting your future partner is essential in Islam. The most valued criteria to look for in potential partners are their


Islam’s View on Divorce

The purpose of marriage in Islam is to nurture a peaceful and harmonious relationship between a husband and wife ensuring that the rights of each partner is guaranteed and respected. Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship between a husband and wife may become too unbearable.