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Distractions in Salah

Ihsan-Striving for Excellence

Ihsan is one of the highest ranks of Islam. It literally means doing something with perfection.  According to the Islamic teachings, it is worshipping Allah both discretely and openly while conscious that Allah is seeing all that you do and


Quran-The Book of Evidence

Quran literally means recitation. It is the scripture revealed to Muhammad (Salalahu Alaihi Wasalam). The Quran is a book that contains the words of Allah. The Quran is the guide, the light, and literally the manual for the life of

Quran 6

Indeed it was revealed from Allah our creator, from whom only great things are sent down to His creation.  The Quran-a magnificent book is undoubtedly perfect in all aspects. Allah Azawajala says “And we have given you, [O Muhammad], seven

Jummah 1

Friday is considered a sacred day by Muslims as a result of the ritual Jummah prayers held in the forenoon of the day. The Jummah prayer is the weekly congregational gathering of believers to which Muslims are required to attend.


How To Live A Happy Life

Happiness is a word literally used to describe certain ranges of positive feelings. We humans at times have feelings of joy, peace, contentment, pride and gratitude. Sometimes the feelings could be rare and sometimes it could be common depending on


Let Allah Be the Judge

Judging something, particularly someone is not a good thing to do. Of cause judges do judge, but that’s their job and they do it just for the purposes of law and order. But what I am talking of here is

Baby names

Are you a Muslim parent blessed with a girl child as a sweet beautiful gift from Allah? Are you wondering how to name her? Sometimes some parents prefer giving their kids traditional names and names recognized by the society in