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There is no society, culture or religion that takes the issue of rape lightly. Rape is a completely forbidden practice and a crime punishable by death. In Islam, capital punishment is reserved for the most extreme crimes which harm individual


Adoption is a common practice today, especially in advanced societies. Fortunately, this has been in practice within the Islamic community for centuries. Adoption is one’s ability to legally take someone else’s child and bringing the child up as one’s own.

Strive 4 Jannah

The 8 Doors of Jannah

The most successful among you are those who are going to make Jannah (paradise). Almost every religion shed a bit of light on the promise of paradise but none of these books describes Jannah better than the holy Quran. It


Zakat Fact and Myths

Zakat is the third the pillar of Islam. It literally means to increase. Technically Zakat is intended to purify one’s possession of wealth by distributing a prescribed amount which has to be given to the poor as a fundamental act


This is an Arabic term often used by Muslims during conversation to express their satisfaction or gratitude for Allah’s blessings upon them. It is a word made up of about 3 parts; Al, meaning “the”, Hamdu, meaning “praise”, Li-lah, meaning “to


Apple is one of the world’s top ranking mobile phone companies, producing innovative cutting-edge world-class products. Their products range from laptops to handheld mobile devices as well as some of the best applications specifically made to run on Apple devices.

muslim student

Muslim parents and students often narrow their search when making a long-distance study plan, often times would prefer countries with a dominant population of Muslims, accessibility to mosques, school of taught and freedom to practice Islam. This article brings you


Islam is the only religion that uplifts the status of women. The Quran and hadith have left no stone unturned when it comes to dealing with women– from how to associate with them to how to live peacefully with them.