Available Muslim scholarships for 2017/18 students

Most of these scholarships are being sponsored by Islamic communities and a few Muslim organizations to help underprivileged Muslims pursue their education.

#1. Aziz Jamaluddin Scholarship

Application Deadlines: March 01, Annually

“Given his strong belief to have a generation of educated Muslims to speak out and communicate the true meaning of Islam in all types of media, the Jamaluddin family arranged for a scholarship fund to be established to support five students each year throughout their education in the fields of Journalism and Political Science.”

#2. Plainfield Muslim Women for Better Society Scholarship

Application Deadlines: March 01, Annually

“One Plainfield High School senior and one Indianapolis High School senior that meet the following criteria will be awarded the scholarship.”

#3. Abdus Saleem Family Scholarship

Application Deadlines: March 01, Annually

“The Dr. Abdus Saleem Scholarship was established due to Dr. Saleem’s firm belief in the value of education. Dr. Saleem received his medical degree from the King Edward Medical School in Pakistan. After completing his residency training in 1972, he joined the faculty at Pennsylvania State University in Hershey, Pennsylvania as an assistant professor of pathology.”

#4. ISF National Scholarships

Application Deadlines: March 21, Annually

“The Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity founded in 2009 whose mission is to address the under-representation of American Muslims in the fields and occupations that influence public opinion and make public policy. Our belief is that fostering education and improving Muslim representation in all walks of life including media and politics will lead to full integration .”

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