Barack Obama Declares to Host Muslim Business Summit

The U.S President, Barack Obama, has declared a series of educational and business prospects in an attempt to settle the disputes between the Unites States and the Muslim world.

Entrepreneurs from 50 different countries around the globe are expected to attend the conference hosted in the capital, Washington D.C.

“Real change comes from the bottom up, and that is why we are here,” Obama said.

It was during last year’s landmark speech in Cairo when the president made a pledge to host the summit as he urged for a “new beginning” to US-Muslim relations.

During his speech in 2009, Mr. Obama called for both sides to make a “sustained effort to respect one another and seek common ground”.


Entrepreneurship in Washington serves as a new tool to settle the disputes with the Muslim world as it serves as a platform for both parties to contact and exchange ideas enabling them to create change in their own countries.

The president said women working in the IT sector in Muslim states would be given an opportunity to work as interns in the U.S.

He also said that a new fund promoting global economy and innovation could raise up to $2bn (£1.3bn) of private investment.

The president added that the market was the most powerful force to create the best opportunities for the less privileged and uplifting them from poverty.

The president also said that the perception of Muslim within the U.S borders must change and people should avoid certain Muslim stereotypical prospects.

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