Being Considerate towards Kids

We all need the approval of others; we want to be seen in a positive light and to be considered good and promising. For some people, this is a very strong need and they are constantly seeking approval from others. That’s just who they are, and that cannot be changed at all.

At an early age, children learn that if mom and dad are happy, then there is more to smile for as it is exhilarating when you see your parents happy and smiling for you? This encourages the child to do more to make his/her parents happier. This sets up a pattern of positive reinforcement that allows the parents’ satisfaction to translate into the positive development of the child’s personality.

Emotional bonding with a parent usually changes over time and as the parent ages there can be some role reversals with the child who has grown up into a cherished adult now taking the role of caring for their aged parent and ensuring that they enjoy old age honorably.

Some parents learn to appreciate their children’s efforts but others fail to acknowledge all the hard work the kids put in to make them happy. It is however understandable that every parent wants the best for their children, but it is also good to know that no one is perfect.

Some parents take an issue with their children not being able to top their class and show their frustrations as a result. Such frustrations towards the perceived “failure” of a child may traumatize them and may lead to emotional and psychological difficulties. As a matter of fact, it can make your child to even fail more in school. Keep in mind that children only achieve better when they are given the proper encouragement and support.

It is therefore better for parents to encourage their children to work hard and also for them to be patient where the children fall short. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

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