Being Dutiful Towards Parents

You will all agree with me that each child has a right when he or she is born into this world. However, every child has a duty towards their parents. The Prophet Muhammad (Salalahu Alaihi Wasalam) taught us that paradise is located under the feet of the parents especially, the mother. So we can say that serving your parents and making them happy are a blessing. The rights of the child are the same as the duties of parents and the duty of a child is also the same as the right of a parents.

We all want to be the best to our parents. In some families, you will see children competing to get the love, happiness, affection, gratefulness and trust of their parents. This is your duty, it is not a choice, and it is a way of life. But becoming the best is not at all easy, not only to your parents but in anything. You have to struggle and try all efforts to be what you desire. The same applies to the love of our parents, it is very difficult to gain the complete love and trust of our parents and as well as to make them count on us at all times.

There will be times when your parents will annoy you to a point that you may be tempted to hate them. However, a respectful child will be patient with his parents and not respond to them in anger.  It is therefore the duty of the child to love his parents unconditionally while also caring and being obedient and respectful towards them especially when they reach old age.

Today, when you check in many families, you’ll notice that most children don’t create time for their parents within their “busy” schedules. What such children fail to understand is that making their parents unhappy can lead to their downfall. During our childhood, our parents spent most of their time with us, especially our mothers. Therefore, the least we can do is to reciprocate by spending lots of time with them and making them feel loved. But when mothers request for a little thing, we say she talks too much or even go as far as ignoring her whiles she didn’t treat us that way when we were little.

No matter how good you are to other people, no matter what charity you give and how much you perform your prayers doesn’t make you a good person if you always break the heart of your parents. Be good to them and do all efforts to make them happy and you will be the best to not only the eyes of your parents but to Allah as well.

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