Best Ramadan Goals You Should Set

With Ramadan here, some people are often confused and misguided by certain stereotypical prospects as to what and how certain things should be done in relation to the right way to fulfill our righteous deeds towards Allah. Whatever the case may be, you’ll definitely want to be on the right track and ensure you’re doing the right thing

With that being said, let’s take a look at the Ramadan goals you should set this month to ensure you are on the right track

#1. Eat, drink and be modest

A habit most of us are fond of is continuously eating once Iftar begins. We fill ourselves with food and water to a point where we feel too lazy to move once we’re done. Doing so contradicts the spirit of Ramadan, as we are supposed to teach ourselves self-control instead of self-indulgence. A better habit recommended by the prophet is to fill ourselves with one-third water, one-third food, and one-third breathing space.

#2. Give out charity

Prophet Muhammad, Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, always gave our charity to the poor and needy- especially during Ramadan. Let’s have sympathy for the less unfortunate and give them whatever little we have. To you, it may seem small, but to them, it counts a lot.

#3. Try to memorize 4 new surahs

Some may regard memorizing the Quran to be an overwhelming task. However, it’s recommended that we try and memorize the small portions or short chapters. Considering there are four weeks in the holy month of Ramadan, try as much as possible to memorize at least one surah for each of these four weeks.

4. Attend Tarawih prayers

After breaking your fast(Iftar), our bodies tent to be weak and exhausted due to a long day; especially for those with hard labor jobs. But no matter how tired you are, you’re obliged to go to the mosque and offer Tarawih prayers. Although some of you may prefer praying in solitude, it’s in your best interests to pray in a congregation as more blessing are received then.

#5. Avoid bad habits

During Ramadan, it’s not only the stomach that should fast but every part of your body. Most people starve themselves instead of fulfilling their religious deeds during this month, as they often engage in unnecessary arguments, or prohibited stuff such as backbiting. This is a month of peace and forgiveness, so we have to build our spirituality and avoid these bad habits.

#6. Contact your relatives

There is no harm in picking up your phone and try to strengthen ties with a loved one or two. This is a month of forgiveness, so we should take advantage and try to settle any disputes we once had with a relative, or probably a friend.

#7. Avoid digital devices and entertainment.

Given the digital we are in, and technology advancing at such a rapid pace, we often get caught up I that world we simply can’t get enough of social media and other forms if interacting with friends and loved ones. Not only should we try to avoid these things during Ramadan but other forms of entertainment such as TVs as well. After breaking your fast, don’t sit in front of the TV and start flipping through the channels as tempting as it may seem. Try to give your full attention and dedication towards Allah as an alternative.

#8. Read 5 minutes of Quran daily

There’s a high chance that you’ll hardly find time to do this—especially if you’re working during Ramadan. Nonetheless, it’s recommended that you try to find some time in your ‘tight schedule’ and read the Quran for at least five minutes.

#9. Forgive everyone and seek forgiveness

Are you still upset about the disagreement you had with a friend last week? Or perhaps huge misunderstanding with your parents that spiraled out of control? Whatever the case might be, you should let go of all the anger and pain the person caused. “I forgive you” is an easy thing to say, but a hard thing to do. Make sure that they are forgiven when they approach you and you do the same.

Follow these recommendations and reap the blessing of the holy month

Have a blessed Ramadan!

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