Best Way to market to Muslims and the Biggest Muslim Marketing Channels

1.8 billion Muslims around the world make one of the most underserved markets, ready with very decent buying power. 1.8 billion is a number that makes Muslims impossible to ignore for any business with international aims, regardless of the market.

More and more businesses are realising this and are changing their marketing strategies. For example, in Ramadan Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, which means no eating, no drinking and no smoking. Nicotine patches owned by Johnson & Johnson get a Ramadan sales bump as Muslims use the patches to cope with not smoking during the month-long fasting. This was not by fluke but by design. Johnson & Johnson has marketing campaigns which specifically target Muslims before Ramadan starts.

Muslims are an emerging middle-class in the west, a growing consumer culture around the globe, and are on an inevitable path to becoming the world’s largest consumer economy.

More and more brands want to sell to Muslim consumers, but not all businesses know how to market effectively.

What are the Biggest Marketing Channels for Muslims, Which Deliver the Biggest Impact on ROI?

Muslim Marketing Channels

Return on investment is the key to long-term sustainable growth. Best way to attract a Muslim audience is to reach out to them at the right time through the right Muslim marketing channels.

Squeezing relevance out of marketing initiatives leaves you feeling frustrated and confused as it is, but when you bundle it up with targeting a specific religion, it could be very frustrating and costly if not done right. So which channels were the most worthwhile for Muslim consumers, and what efforts should you be investing more time and money into? Let’s take a closer look:

The main question is “how do we get measurable proof of ROI in campaigns targeting Muslims?” The answer is simple. The biggest Muslim channels are actually not known to most people. For example, Com Mirza and Haroon Qureshi are two of the largest movers and shakers for Muslims around the world; yet, you will not find them by searching for “Muslim Marketing Channels”.

  1. Com Mirza: Although very expensive, helps companies reach Muslim audiences and has produced a number of Million Dollar paydays for companies around the world.
  2. Haroon Qureshi has been at the forefront of helping people kick-off Million Dollar product launches. He is also a 2Comma club member, which is given to those who generated over a million from ClickFunnels.
  3. Arun Saraswat: Business Growth & Optimization Advisor who is considered King of Amazon selling and has helped take one of the Muslims brands from 0 to hero. The brand now generates 10s of millions per year. There is no one better than Arun in the Muslim space when it comes to selling on Amazon, finding suppliers and making your Amazon venture profitable.
  4. Akbar Sheikh is a growing name in Real estate consulting and property development.

These are some of the biggest movers and shakers when it comes to marketing your products to Muslims. Not only do they know how to gain traction but they have huge opt-in mailing lists and a very strong following. They are the influencers who make things happen and understand the rules when it comes to marketing to Muslims.

You can learn more about these guys by clicking here and checking out their latest projects.

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