Boeing Supports Saudi’s Vision 2030 All the Way – Company Executive

As the business ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia strengthens, there is a particular American company that got more experience in doing business with Saudi Arabia than others, and that is Boeing.

Boeing is a US multinational cooperation that manufactures, designs, and sells rotorcraft, rockets, airplanes, as well as satellites worldwide.

Based on 2015 revenue report, it is the world’s second biggest defense contractor and the biggest exporter by dollar value in the US. The Company’s stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world and it makes commercial jetliners along with defense, space and security systems. The company has longstanding relationship with Saudi Arabia, dating back to a meeting with the founder of the Kingdom himself.

The partnership between Boeing and the kingdom started on 14th February, 1945 when the then president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt presented a twin-engine DC-3 Dakota airplane manufactured by Boeing heritage company Douglas Aircraft to the founder of Saudi Arabia King Abdul Aziz. It was an event that marked the birth of commercial air travel in Saudi Arabia as well.

The United States aerospace company established Boeing Middle East Limited in 1982 in Riyadh as a 100% company owned entity, and it sees its relationship with KSA going through a time of rapid change for the Kingdom.

The president of Boeing Saudi Arabia and vice president of Boeing International, Ahmed Jazzar told ArabNews that Saudi Arabia is a strategic partner for Boeing. He said that their aim is to facilitate both local and international industrial collaboration in Saudi Arabia.

Jazzar said the US Company has a role in helping realize the ambitious aims of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform plan.

He said that through the transfer of knowledge and technology which is a pillar that must be achieved for Saudi Arabia under the Vision, the partnership of Boeing with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 aims to support the country’s aerospace industry and its ecosystem.

He added that the relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Boeing dates back over 70 years, and with the roadmap of Saudi’s Vision 2030, Boeing will be here every step of the way until the Vision 2030 is realized. He said Boeing Saudi Arabia Limited supports the implementation of all Boeing defense contracts in the Kingdom ranging from Space & Security, Boeing Global Service programs to Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

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