Brainstorming Tips For Muslim Teenagers (How To Overcome The Hurdles)

In our 21st Century, a lot of Muslim teens are experiencing some of the greatest trials of their lives, compared to other teens. It is not always easy when dealing with such challenges in modern times so you’ll definitely relate after reading this post. Because I know how it feels to go through such times in life, use these tips to brace your foundation through greater study of your religion and the key principles it tends to uphold.

#1. Be Ready To Learn:

Our times have brought with them new phases and opportunities that weren’t readily available decades ago. As far as teens are concerned, learning a new subject or improving knowledge of an existing one is easier said than done. Why worry yourself when you always have the Qur’an to turn to? The book of Wisdom stresses the importance of educating oneself because it is only through knowledge that you can improve yourself, others, and learn to cope better in the world that you live.
A fast spreading means through which teens have global communication these days is the “internet”, which is an added advantage. This is because information is available to them wherever they are and they’re likely to get opportunities in different areas of life aimed at making them better.
But then, learning is a process that works well with studying your religion. You should be capable of giving Islam the place it deserves in your life and be willing to know its roots. It is necessary to read and understand the historical background of the Qur’an and how it was actually revealed as well as relating the significance of its verses in the proper context. Modern teens need this brief understanding because they’re mostly surrounded by biased adults who mislead them into accepting their points of view by exploiting their vulnerable minds. So read and understand to solve the puzzle for yourself.

#2. Be Mindful Of Your Health And Your Peers:

A priority that all Muslims ought to take is looking after your health. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a teen or not because Islam lays emphasis on the stability of health. More importantly, Muslim teens have to be very careful with their health status as Islam frowns on intoxicants, which provides a natural deterrent for teenagers not to use those substances. Drinking all the time and staying out till late hours can have a negative impact on a person’s health, with your body and mind paying the price. Why do you have to indulge in these prohibitions when all you do is harm yourself and others around you? Okay, I know it’s sometimes simpler to become part of a group of youngsters just to be accepted but it won’t be much of a bother for you to say “If that’s what it takes to be part of the crowd, I’m not in”. This goes to show your maturity and strength of character because you’re refusing to partake in disruptive behaviours.

#3. Depend On Your Family For Support:

There’s no place like home. True because being part of a loving and caring family is what you need to be able to grow and be the person you hope to be. For all teens, a loving family is always a plus point because it is only with strong foundations that strong bonds are formed. Establishing good ties with your parents and siblings makes you feel part of a crowd that you know cares for you and there’s always a sense of belonging. It is imperative for teens to understand the family as a unit with its members and try hard to take part in their affairs to maintain the strong bonds, for it is only through strong family backing can a teenager mould himself into a proactive member of his community.
Let’s take heed and realize that we’re worth more as teenagers. Instead of spending our valuable time in unimportant activities, let’s focus on how to grow and become responsible members of society so the future generation can take up from where we stop. Together we can, I know we can.

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