British and Saudi Authorities Eye $90 Billion Trade Opportunity

In recent statements, the British ambassador to the kingdom Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis was quoted as saying that the relationship between the famous economic hub and his country have set out an ambitious target of achieving $90 billion in trade and investment opportunities for a better economic development in the coming years.

The diplomat cited a number of commercial deals envisaged within the framework of the new and enhanced bilateral relationships between the two kingdoms. He recognized the creation of a robust United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia Strategic partnership Council following the recent visit to the UK of the Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Simon Collis, while inaugurating the lulu British festival in Riyadh recently remarked that a high profile meeting of Saudi and British tech entrepreneurs scheduled for April 24TH in London will make ties between the two kingdoms stronger while further advancing diplomatic relations between Riyadh and London.

Speaking about the festival that runs through to April 28th, the diplomat noted that the festival was aimed at heralding the deep and strong ties between the two kingdoms.

Collis further pointed out that the two countries are experiencing a surge in trade especially in the exports of fresh produce from Britain. He also pointed out that the strategic council will serve as an important conduit for discussing, examining and developing all aspects of the relation between the two countries, including UK’s support for the Saudi’s Vision 2030 project.

Ambassador Collis also noted that the Saudi British Joint Business Council (SBJBC) was also working to bring together some 100 Saudi and British small and medium enterprises and investors in London on the 24th of April.

The milestone convergence is set to take place in Canary Wharf, Europe’s leading center for finance, cyber security and smart-city technologies.

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