Can women lead Salaat?

Women are fully allowed to gain as much knowledge as they desire, and to practice that knowledge in terms of being preachers, teachers, and jurists or to give their opinions in Islam. However, is a woman permitted to lead a congregation comprising of both males and females in prayers? Absolutely not. That is because the Prophet (S.A.W) said in a hadith reported by Muslim: “The best of women’s row is the last.”
However, when there is no male around, a woman can actually lead her fellow women in Salaat. When doing this, the female imam should stand in the middle and not in front of the other women as in the case of a male imam. Her voice does not necessarily have raised too loud, just enough to be heard by the ones she is leading.
We must remember that modesty is paramount in Islam, particularly at places of worship. Introducing new things in Islam is forbidden, and we must always follow the practice of the Prophet (pbuh), and avoid unnecessary arguments. Allah knows best.

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