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Baby names

Are you a Muslim parent blessed with a girl child as a sweet beautiful gift from Allah? Are you wondering how to name her? Sometimes some parents prefer giving their kids traditional names and names recognized by the society in

small business management

One basic concern in the business world is business risk, especially with the nature of today’s economy. If you are a small-business owner, you are certainly a risk taker. Small business owners need to take control of their companies. They


Probably, you’ve always dreamt of being an entrepreneur but are wondering what university to pick that’ll facilitate that. Or perhaps you’re already an entrepreneur and have a small startup business on the move but feel like you’re missing something, some


From leading and overseeing the company’s short and long-term goals in accordance with the best strategies for ensuring that expenditures of the company are within the annual budget, CEO’s all over the world are constantly trying to push their companies