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Strive 4 Jannah

The 8 Doors of Jannah

The most successful among you are those who are going to make Jannah (paradise). Almost every religion shed a bit of light on the promise of paradise but none of these books describes Jannah better than the holy Quran. It


The story of the Prophet Muhammad’s pbuh escape from Mecca’ to Medina is story of faith and inspiration recanted to Muslims the world over. It highlights the Prophet’s unwavering dedication to his mission in the midst of growing hostility towards


After an entire month of fasting comes Eid. It marks a time in which Muslims all over the world celebrate for completing an entire month of fasting. On this day, Muslims wear the best of their clothes, then go to


About 1400 years ago, in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, there lived a man named Muhammed (peace be upon him) and his beautiful bride named Aisha (peace be upon her). They were happily married, and this are some of


The Lion of Allah

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t the story of a lion owned by Allah even though Allah is the creator of all things living or dead. This is the story of a great warrior and companion of the prophet Muhammad


History is the science which studies this phenomenon of greatness. Usually, every person who scales the heights of greatness and acquires a place in history is a success from the worldly point of view. Its every Muslim youth’s dream to

Ilhan Omar

2016 was a roller coaster year. There had been a lot of ups and downs but nevertheless, we thank Allah for granting us the opportunity to make it to 2017. Below is a list of 6 women who inspired us