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Having Fun The Halal Way

In Islam, sports are perceived as important ways to gain a healthy body. Sports such as archery, swimming and horseback riding are especially encouraged. Islam encourages exercise and being in good physical shape. The Prophet said, “A strong believer is


Giving advice and counsel to a fellow Muslim is an important aspect in Islam. One should not conceal things from them which would yield a positive outcome or preserve him from something bad. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah


One must always have the ambition to be a better Muslim. This helps you get closer to Allah SWT and have a better relationship with Him. This can be done in a lot of ways. Affirming in your heart that

Muslim scholarships

Most of these scholarships are being sponsored by Islamic communities and a few Muslim organizations to help underprivileged Muslims pursue their education. #1. Aziz Jamaluddin Scholarship Application Deadlines: March 01, Annually “Given his strong belief to have a generation of

muslim family

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in a hadith: “The word ‘Ar-Rahm’ (womb) derives its name from Ar-Rahman (i.e., one of the names of Allah) and Allah said: ‘I will keep good relation with the one who will keep good relation with

women in Saudi

Saudi Arabia is the second largest state in the Arab world and land to the two holiest mosques, making it a religious tourist destination. It has an estimated population of over 30 million, of which about 44.8% are women. Women

weird hijab hacks

So, hacks are like my new thing. Everyone is doing them so I thought I’d also share some really interesting ones that affect my fellow sisters. You can define hacks as ‘productivity trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method to increase


Below are 6 steps to a life full of joy #1. Exhaust yourself The moment you get yourself exhausted, there is no struggling and all you feel is tiredness. Your heart softens and there is a feeling of genuine compassion


Eid is one of the busiest travel times in the UAE as thousands of holiday makers are expected to travel for holidays and it is advisable to go to the airport earlier. It has been said that form Thursday to